How We Define Cheap Web Hosting

When it came to helping people find there next cheap web hosting provider we wanted to be 1# in there search. We have over 10 years of web hosting experience and wanted to use that knowledge to help you find the best solution to your hosting needs. There is no such thing as the best web host, there is the web host that fit’s your web hosting needs the best.

If you plan to start a website, blog or any other type of online property, hosting is a necessity. However, you don’t just need hosting, you need hosting that provides all the tools necessary for your project and a solid foundation. This doesn’t always come at the cheapest price out there, but you can still get the hosting you need for a price you can afford.

So, with that said, we define cheap website hosting as any type of hosting you can buy that not only fits within your allotted budget, but also provides you with everything you need. We don’t define this type of hosting as the $1.99 per month providers that don’t give you all the tools, speed and support you desire.

The Different Types of Cheap Hosting

Most think that the only type of hosting that qualifies as cheap is shared hosting. This is just not true as you can find many types of hosting that fit our definition for inexpensive website hosting. Whether you need hosting with the right tools for a blog or you plan to start a forum, you can find cheap web hosting with everything you need.

The different types of hosting we are going to discuss are shared, cloud, VPS (virtual private server), dedicated and cloud hosting. These types of hosting are the most popular and will fit with the majority of the projects that you might consider starting. Our research will help you to choose the right type of hosting and it will also help you to find it for a fair price.

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Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the cheapest by far and it is also the most popular. Most bloggers and webmasters will at least start with a shared web hosting package. These are found from many companies and there are a number of good choices that can help you with all the things you need. Some will even provide you with a free domain name with a yearly hosting package.

Cheap WordPress Blog HostingYou can get a good shared hosting package for $4 a month to $15 a month depending on what you need. If you want to start a blog or a simple website, you only need a package for around $4 a month. This will give you all the scripts you need, along with all the necessary tools to help you get your blog started. You can use a content management system, like WordPress or Joomla to help you manage your blog, if you choose the right shared web hosting for a cheap price.

You don’t get all the resources of the server when you use a shared package, but you do have access to a large amount of bandwidth and disk space. This allows you to get your blog or website started for a very low price and you will be able to do everything you need to with your new website or blog.

Cloud Hosting

One of the most popular kinds of web hosting these days is cloud hosting. This kind of web hosting is not using just one server
but having your web site spread out over multiple servers to make it more balanced out. This is a very popular way of hosting these day’s.

Getting your project going with cloud hosting is a great long term strategy to maintain a successful web site. Cloud hosting has become the next great thing for web site owners due to it taking
some of the load off the servers and help balancing out the server load. It is also one of the most reasonable priced option’s for anyone that is launching or growing there existing enterprise.

VPS Hosting

If you need your own resources separate from all the other accounts hosted on the server, using Vps Hosting can help you get exactly what you need. This is the first upgrade from shared and cloud hosting because you don’t share your resources. A cheap VPS web hosting account will give you a partition of resources to use for your website or blog.

This will allow you to secure your partition however, you want and will also give you more speed. You will get many of the same scripts and tools for your blog, forum, website or other online project. If you know that you need extra security you can find a Vps Hosting Package starting around $20 a month. This type of hosting can get a bit expensive for the larger projects, but it does come with the benefit of allowing you to grow at your own pace.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Those looking to get a larger amount of resources than VPS hosting can provide will need cheap web hosting on their own server. Even though this type of hosting doesn’t fit the typical description of the word “cheap” there are servers that are cheaper than others. If you don’t want to buy your own server, but your budget can support $100 or more per month, you can rent a Dedicated Hosting for your hosting.

This will give you all the resources of the server only for you. If security is a concern or you plan to see a large amount of daily traffic to your websites and blogs, a dedicated server will give you more than any other type of hosting can. Just be sure you get a cheap web hosting provider for a dedicated server that gives you the best possible support.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller web Hosting is a lot different than all the other options, but it still is a awesome option on starting a web hosting business. You can host your own web sites and then resell the space to other people you know or thru your web site. If you sign up at a company like hostgator for 19.95 per month you can keep your monthly expense low and make a few hundred or more from selling the space to others. This is one of the easiest ways to start a business and make some solid income.

Getting The Best Budget Web Hosting Company

Now that you have a good understanding of all the types of web hosting platforms there is, it will be easier to choose what one works best for you. There is a lot to choose from out there and you
have to find what company and price plan works best for you.

Take your time researching shared hosting, vps hosting and dedicated servers. Normally if you pay on an annual plan for shared and vps you get a huge discount break on the price. With fatcow for
shared web hosting we are in extreme love with them. they do a annual plan for a low $44.00 per year.

Support from a Cheap Web HostingOne of the best ways to see what or how a company handles there customers is to open a ticket in support or a chat to see there response time. Make sure the company is 24/7 and responses are within a reasonable time frame.

If you still are researching read some reviews on our website to get a better understanding of what other customer experiences other customers of those company’s have had. Most people will post a negative review before they post a positive one. Always keep that in mind to make a good balance of what a good one is saying and a negative one. Also a lot of the review sites out there are filled with bogus and fake reviews, we wont mention them.

Also when making your decision do not make the mistake of choosing a web host based on just price. that could back fire long term for you and your hard work. You can get a good deal with any web host you choose, ask them or grab a coupon off our web site here. Email me if you want to talk , i will get you the best coupon anyone can get.

The right host is out there and is waiting for your business. Hosting company’s work hard to make sure you are happy and get everything they advertise. If your looking for blog hosting,PhP based hosting or any other kind of specialty we have it on this site for you to choose from. Remember to shop smart, and save a few dollars while you do it.
Good luck and see you around the corner at the next review.



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