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For virtually all businesses, the 24-hour availability of internet and running servers is essential. Any break down in such services could be costly to the company’s credibility. For this purpose 123together.com is a much needed service to make sure that your email is never affected and that all your vital communications online are always up and running. This company is considered top of the line for provision of exchange servers for its clients and is very reliable. As any 123together review will indicate, there are many more perks of being a customer.


123together has all the facilities that are required to carry out the technical work it offers and also the relevant and much needed expertise to make it happen. There are focused and qualified employees who take care of all your email problems and make sure you get the best possible service when using 123together. This firm also has a very focused and narrow area of expertise so other regular services such as IT hosting will not be found in their scale of operations. The exchange server of Microsoft is generally quite difficult software and it is something 123together have mastered.


Many technical perks that are offered to clients are things like technical support, roll-backs and auditing. The advanced infrastructure of 123together’s offices includes Tier-4 facility, generator back up for power, a power grid twice the size of a regular one, and continuous monitoring for possible security breaches. It is unlikely that such a system will be found even in the most high-tech of business environments which is what makes 123together all the more impressive.

The 123together review shows that the firm is involved in a number of important functions such as providing its clients with email archiving, good mobile communications, and also the ability to share lots of information online with ease. The company also takes care of all your security needs and almost guarantees that you will not suffer breakdown because of viruses or spam that so often finds its way into email inboxes. There is also the option present of trying out the firm’s services for a month absolutely free of charge before going on to their regular paid packages.
As far as your important business emails are concerned, there are a lot of different types of protection offered by 123together. Firstly, all content you share on email will be protected and can be easily obtained when you require it, along with the ample availability of space to store various emails. In your regular communications, data will be at your fingertips and 123together will take care of all the different formats you need for documents. The security monitoring is amongst the most impressive of the firm’s operations. All viruses will be effectively blocked and spam will also be controlled along with reports being sent to you periodically about your site’s functionality and performance. Using the services of a firm such as this allows the client business a great deal of freedom to focus on other tasks.


The last benefit that the client gets out of 123together.com is the facility of data backup. Your business no longer has to worry about losing data due to hardware malfunction or other such quirks. This firm provides ample storage and protection for your important files and documents. The data is also encrypted while it is being stored. The software will also be compatible with all your personal computers and Mac computers. With a firm as experienced as this handling basic functionality, the client business is bound to become more adaptable and effective towards its long-term goals. A 123together review is a great way to inform yourself about all the services on offer.

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