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There are many costs associated with running a business and in a slow economy most businesses are trying to lower those costs as much as possible, but website hosting is not an area that should be compromised just to save a few dollars. It is important that a business website resides on hosting that will provide the proper security and reliability as well as sufficient space to store all of the necessary files and come with enough bandwidth to handle all of the visitors. A dedicated server will also ensure that there is enough memory and processing power to handle all of the scripting and database needs of the website.


A dedicated server is the best hosting that money can buy, however, the one drawback that it carries is the large price tag. It is a large expense but should be considered an investment as it will more than pay for itself over time with the additional customers that a quality business website will attract. For a small business that simply cannot justify the expense of a dedicated server it is possible to start with a cheaper inmotion hosting dedicated hosting option that is known as a VPS, or virtual private server.

There are a large number of hosting companies that offer dedicated servers and each of them will usually have at least a few different configurations that you can choose from in order to meet the needs of your website. Take your time and do some research before deciding on the best package. You will need to know how much storage space, bandwidth, and processing power that will be necessary for your website before you begin the search for a web hosting company.

Dedicated Server Features To Look For


A inmotion hosting dedicated server is going to give you more features than any other type of hosting. You will get a better overall hosting environment that includes faster loading web pages, increased security, high reliability, and as much space and bandwidth as you need. Many of these features will be available with VPS hosting but to a lesser degree. You will want to select a dedicated server that uses Linux as its operating system unless you have a very good reason to choose a Windows based server. Linux is the most popular hosting platform and you will have the most options for your website when using it.

In addition to providing for all of the needs of your website, the hosting company that you choose should also have reliable customer support. Support needs to be fast and any problem that you may have needs to be solved correctly because any downtime for your business website means lost customers and lost revenue. Your web hosting company should also be able to recommend to you any additional steps you may need to take to make sure that your website is as safe and secure as possible from hackers and others that may wish to cause damage to your website or your business.


Most web hosting companies will give you an option of a managed or unmanaged server. Unless your company employs a full time person to handle your web server then you will want to spend the few extra dollars and go for the managed server. The web hosting company will then take care of all of the updates to the operating system as well as any security patches that may be required as they are needed ensuring the security of your site and freeing up your time to do other things. Making the right choice for your business hosting needs now will save you a lot of trouble down the road.

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