5 Best WordPress Blog Hosting Sites

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No matter what you read, free blog hosts are no good. Don’t ever fall for it. Your site wont ever rank well off a sub domain. You dont get all the tools you will need. I have a few cheap paid hosts listed in this blog.


Most of you must know what a blog is. For those of you who don’t know what a blog is, it is basically a small type of web log. Most people have personal blogs and they publish information and their own ideas frequently. Blogs are the best way to make your online presence felt and make your opinion matter. Today I am going to tell you about the top 5 best blog hosting sites out there in the market.

Blogger.com (Blogspot)
Blogger.com is without a doubt the best free blog hosting website in the market. Furthermore, it is almost the most used blogging platform these days. Blogger.com is owned and operated by search engine giants Google Inc. Previously , this site was not owned by Google but since Google has taken charge of this blog hosting platform , people have started to accept it more and it has gained wide spread recognition amongst bloggers. The best thing about this particular blog hosting platform is that it is totally free of cost. Furthermore, blogger.com offers its users hundreds of free plug-in and themes. You can log on to pcsfix.blogspot.com in order to have a rough idea of how a blogger.com blog looks like. Now in order to set up a blogger.com blog account you will be required to have a Google account first. This is a simple Gmail account and can be setup without any hassle. With just a single Gmail account you can make as many blog accounts as you want, there are no restrictions on the number of blogger accounts you can have with one email id.


I always used to think that Tumblr is a social networking website but I guess I was wrong. Compared to blogger.com and wordpress.com, this website is relatively new. I don’t know much about this blogging platform but all I can say is that it is an easy to use blogging platform with some good features. Tumblr is slowly gaining popularity in the blogging community and I am sure it will be the “next big thing”.

Another great blog hosting platform is WordPress. WordPress categorizes on the list of top 5 best blog hosting sites because of its outstanding features. WordPress is well known for several features including themes, plugins, widgets, tagging, pinging, categorization, SEO friendly interface, pages creation. WordPress is the top choice for many bloggers because it is very easy to use. WordPress allows bloggers to setup their blogs without any problems. It has a user friendly interface and anyone can set up a blog by just following some simple steps. It is because of these above mentioned facilities that this website is considered as the top free blog hosting platform.


Live Journal
Live Journal is simply a great blog hosting platform that offers blogging service at zero cost. However, when compared to Xanga, this blogging platform offers limited customization options. Nevertheless, Live Journal is a good blog hosting site and offers essential features such as commenting, polls, calendars etc. It is a very easy to use website.

This is another popular blog hosting website. Xanga was launched way back in 1999. Initially it was launched as a film and book review site. As time passed by, Xanga started to gain popularity and currently this website has more than 42 million users. On the contrary, Xanga has recently stated special URL creation, monthly archive module and website level search.
I am sure that after reading this article most of you must have a clear picture of the top best blog hosting sites out there in the market. Happy blogging!!

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