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99 designs is the largest online graphic design marketplace in the world. It is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the world. After every 5 seconds a new design is uploaded on this website. Over the years, this company has won numerous awards including the best web & application awards of the year back in 2010.


99desings services
99desings offer various services including logo design, mobile app design, web page design, business card design, icon or button design , tuition design and last but not the least flyer design. You can get a logo design in less than a week from $299 per design. The USP of 99design is that its services are time effective and affordable. All you have to do is submit a design query. Once you submit your design query you will immediately start getting bids for it. Moreover, 99designs also has a separate logo store on its official website. This logo store has more than 30,000 logos .Users also have an option to filter their search results and search for logos that are most appropriate for their projects.

Advantages of 99 designs
The first and the foremost advantage is affordability. Companies or individuals who are looking for a graphic design can simply get one via help of 99designs. Most of the designs are affordable and cheap. Furthermore, small companies that are operating on a tight budget can easily acquire a design with the help of 99desings. You can also submit a query regarding how much you are willing to pay for a certain design and get bids against it. The best part is you can pay once you have the final design in your hand.


Another advantage is ease of use and quick response from the designers. Once you submit a bid for your logo you will immediately start getting responses. On the other hand you will get variety of options for your logo. Hence, you can choose the best logo for your business. Lastly, you don’t have to hire a freelancer or graphic designer yourself as it will be done by the 99designer’s team.

Disadvantages of using 99designs
Firstly, you cannot develop a professional relationship with the designers. This surely is a big disadvantage as you need to build a strong relationship with your designers. A professional designer will always give valuable suggestions regarding a logo as compared to a freelance designer. Furthermore, if you are working on a long term project then the designer will play a key role. A professional designer takes time and understands your business requirements and then delivers accordingly. 99designs might fail to develop that kind of a relationship with your business. Secondly, 99designs offer a variety of choices to choose from. People might say that this is an advantage but keep in mind that this can even turn into a disaster. People with poor decision making skills might get confused and they might be unable to make a choice. Another drawback of using 99designs is that it only offers two types of file formats which are .jpeg and .eps.


The bottom line is that 99designs is one of the fastest growing online marketplace for logo designs. This website always creates a win-win situation for both the consumers as well as the designers. Moreover, you can also become a 99designs affiliate and earn hefty commissions by just referring people to its services. 99designs affiliate program is known for its high payout model. I also got a chance to read 99designs customer reviews. While reading most of the reviews I felt that people were really happy with its services.

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