A Host Gator Coupon Code Can Provide Excellent Savings

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The first thing that you will notice about a Host Gator coupon code is that you do not have to go searching for it. Many businesses online, including many web hosting companies, seem to enjoy making their customers go on extended scavenger hunts all over the internet in order to find the right code to enter to get a discount. Host Gator does not do this as all of their current coupon codes are always available on their website and the most appropriate Host Gator coupon code is automatically entered on your order form at checkout so you don’t even have to type it in yourself.


Host Gator offers some exceptional bonuses with each hosting account including a free site builder and 4500 templates. You will also have complete access to Host Gator’s award winning technical support staff 24 hours a day and all packages give you a full 45 days to decide if you like them and still be able to get your money back if you don’t.

Host Gator provides a large selection of hosting packages for you to choose from and will surely have one that will meet the needs of your web project. Linux hosting packages are available in shared hosting, reseller accounts, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. Windows hosting packages are fewer than Linux but still quite plentiful and are available either as a shared hosting account or a dedicated server.

A Host Gator coupon code will provide you with a discount off of the regular price on any of the hosting packages. Depending on what your particular needs are for your specific website, there are three different Host Gator coupon codes for you to choose from, one of which will be a perfect match to your needs.


Host Gator 1 Cent Hosting

The most popular Host Gator coupon code is actually what Host Gator refers to as their alternative code. This code will give you $9.94 off of the price of the first month for any of Host Gator’s available packages. It is sometimes called the 1 cent hosting coupon because if you use it towards the purchase of Host Gator’s most popular hosting package, the Baby plan, then you will be able to enjoy that first month of hosting for just a penny.

The Baby plan is a shared hosting plan that allows you to host an unlimited number of domains on the account and gives you an unlimited amount of disk storage space and data transfer so you will never have to worry about going over your account limits. You must be a new customer to use this Host Gator coupon code. If you would rather try a different Host Gator package then entering, HOSTSAVER30, the code for this coupon, will still get you $9.94 off of the first month of hosting.

Host Gator SEO Hosting

If you own a lot of domain names and have been hosting them all over the place at different web hosting providers just so that you can get different ip addresses then Host Gator may have just the hosting solution that you have been looking for. At seohosting.com, a Host Gator coupon code is available that will give you a discount of $35 off of the first month of services on the special hosting accounts that they offer.

Each of these accounts is a special version of a Host Gator reseller account that will let you host all of your domains in one location with a very big bonus. You can give each of your domains a separate ip address. These ip addresses are all on separate class c ip blocks so that you can take advantage of all of the SEO benefits you get through back links created on these domains.

Big Host Gator Savings

The Host Gator premiere discount offer is a coupon code that will give you 20 % off of all of your hosting services. This promotional code can be used by current customers as well as new customers, but it can only be used on the first invoice that you receive. This means that if the services you order are only sold on a month by month basis then you will only receive 20% off of the first month, but any services sold for longer time periods such as yearly will receive the discount for all of those months.

You can’t use it for purchasing domain names or any other services that aren’t actual hosting packages. Whether you use this Host Gator coupon code or the alternative code will depend on the total price of your first invoice. You will save more money with this code if your order is more than $49.70, anything less than that and you will be better served by the alternative Host Gator coupon code.

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