A Keen Eye Can Help You Find Discount ASP.NET Hosting

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Saving money is always a wonderful especially when you can get something that were going to have to buy anyway at a much cheaper price. That something that you were going to buy anyway in terms of your website is, of course, web hosting. If you have designed your website to make use of Microsoft technologies and the pages are going to served to your visitor with Active Server Pages then that web hosting is going to be on a server running the Windows operating system. Using Windows as your web server operating system of choice will make it a little more difficult for you to find a bargain than it would be if your website was to be hosted on a Linux server, but a keen eye can help you find discount ASP.NET hosting if you are willing to search for it.


Windows Hosting

While Windows has been increasing its market share as an operating system for web servers, it still has a long way to go to catch Linux. Thankfully, however, the increase that Windows has seen in popularity has also been accompanied by a decrease in the cost of Windows hosting. Discount ASP.NET hosting is going to be available to you because ASP will run on any Windows hosting account and you do not need to spend a lot of money on special hosting options.

The problem is that most web hosting companies do not offer many Windows configurations among their hosting plans. Licensing fees that must be paid for each installation of the Windows operating system can make it very difficult for web hosting companies to offer a VPS solution that will fit into the middle price range. This, unfortunately, means that many web hosting companies only offer Windows hosting as shared hosting and dedicated servers, leaving a huge space in between and webmasters with a tough choice to make.


Hosting Packages

You are more likely than not, especially if this is the first website that you have set up and the first time that you have purchased hosting, going to host your website on what is known as shared hosting. This is the choice that most people make because of the price. Most shared Windows hosting packages will cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 a month. This pricing is hard to beat and it is unlikely that your website is going to outgrow it anytime soon unless something happens to make your website extremely popular overnight. When your website does become popular enough to outgrow shared hosting you may be faced with the tough choice of what to do about it.

Years ago you could order a customized dedicated server to your exact specification but not many hosting companies work that way anymore. They have found that it is much easier and more cost effective to only offer dedicated servers in a number of pre configured packages. This can bring the costs of a dedicated server down for the average consumer and if you have a busy site you may be able to find discount ASP.NET hosting in this category.


The problem this presents, especially for those that are forced to upgrade to a dedicated server from shared hosting, is that you may be paying for more resources than you need. Your website will require a certain amount of resources and if a particular server set up cannot meet that requirement you will have to pay for a higher priced server that may have much more than your website needs to operate correctly.

What you really need to be looking for when your website finally outgrows shared hosting is a hosting package that is known as a VPS. This option may be difficult for you to find as there are not many web hosting companies that offer them. Do yourself a favor if you want discount ASP.NET hosting, take the time to search out a web hosting company that is going to offer you a VPS package that saves you a significant amount of money over what it would cost you to purchase a dedicated server. Many websites grow large enough to need something better than shared hosting, but very few grow large enough to actually need an entire dedicated server.

You will get everything with a VPS that you would get with a dedicated server, just in smaller amounts, and you will be able to keep much more money in your wallet. You will have your own guaranteed resource allocation that will eliminate all of the issues that made you decide to leave shared hosting and be able to do so for around $20 a month if you put some work into your search. A little time and effort is all that it will take for you to locate a web hosting company that can offer you high quality discount ASP.NET hosting.

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