Ace-host Review And Why We Love Inmotion Hosting

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Ace-net hosting is one of the hosting companies out there in the market. This hosting provider mainly offers enterprise web hosting 2.0, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated servers.
We like inmotion hosting a lot more then them because of support and pricing.


Enterprise Web Hosting 2.0
Enterprise 2.0 package comes with all the features a webmaster requires to get a website online and successful. Spam prevention measure, backups and various resources ensure that this hosting provider is your one-stop shop for all your hosting requirements. ACENET’s enterprise web hosting 2.0 costs $14.97 per month and includes features such as unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains hosting option, unlimited sub domains, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited email accounts and unlimited FTP accounts. Furthermore, other features that are included in this package but are not limited to are PHP 5, Perl , Curl , Joomla 1.6 , Joomla 1.5 , Geeklog , Nucleus , Mambo , Environmental monitoring , zikula , phpWCMS , Hotlink protection etc.

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Servers
Acenet is able to offer you enterprise-grade virtual machines at reasonable market rates because Acenet buys hardware in bulk, pays for hardware in cash and builds its own servers. The cheapest out of all the VPS servers is the Xen E5-2620 SM server. This server costs $19.95 per month and includes 4Vcpu, 2.5GHz turbo boost, 120 GB Hdd, 4GB RAM, 5IPs, and up to 500GB bandwidth. On the contrary, the most expensive VPS server is Xen E5-2620 LG server. This server costs $39.95 per month and includes upgrades features including 4Vcpu, 2.5 GHz, 240 GB hdd, 8GB RAM and 1000GB bandwidth.


Reseller Hosting
This is the best chance for you to be your own boss. Acenet’s reseller packages give you the suppleness, safety, and management tools to sell hosting packages to various other people who are looking for a home on the World Wide Web. You have the option to determine the packages, features and pricing of the plans you intend to sell. Furthermore, WebHost Manager (WHM) gives you the power to administer your reseller accounts through a single web-based panel. Meanwhile, Acenet offers 5 different kinds of reseller hosting plans namely WHM 600, WHM 100, WHM 200, WHM 300 and WHM 500. The cheapest out of all these packages is the WHM 600. This package costs $29.95 per month and incorporates features such as 60GB disk space, 600GB bandwidth, unlimited accounts hosting, unlimited sub domains, unlimited MySQL databases , unlimited FTP accounts and private name servers. The WHM100, WHM 200 and WHM 300 include the same features as WHM 600 but they are upgraded. The most expensive reseller hosting package offered by Acenet is WHM 500. This package includes 500GB disk space , 5000GB bandwidth , unlimited accounts hosting , unrestricted sub domains , unlimited MySQL databases , Unlimited FTP accounts and private server names.


Dedicated Servers
Ace-net offers dedicated servers at wholesale prices. It is your chance to grab a dedicated server at a whole sale price or add managed services and still pay relatively less than what other pay. Apart from providing quality dedicated servers, this hosting company also offers exceptional support. You have an option to choose a single processor or dual processers. For more information about the dedicated servers, you can always visit Ace-net’s website.

Customer Support
A reliable and good hosting provider always offers round the clock support. When it comes to customer support, Ace-net surpasses various hosting companies. This hosting provider offers 24×7 customer support. You can reach their customer support either by email, fax, phone or live chat. All in all, Acenet is a reliable and efficient hosting company and I am sure it will live up to your hosting requirements.

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