Affordable Reseller Hosting Can Provide a Valuable Business Asset

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Affordable reseller hosting can be a good first step if you are looking to start your own business or add on to a business that you already own. Affordable is of course a relative term and will depend on not only the amount of money that you have available in your budget but also on the value that you will be getting in return for that money. It will do you no good to purchase a reseller account that does not provide you with what you need to be successful in the web hosting business. Affordable reseller hosting will be a valuable business asset so you should be willing to invest in it in order to achieve the proper returns.


What Is A Reseller Account?

A reseller account is how you obtain the hard disk space and data transfer that you will be reselling to other people who are looking to buy hosting for their websites. A reseller account is really nothing more than a very large shared hosting account so shared hosting is what you will be selling to your customers, at least at first. Most web hosting companies that offer affordable reseller accounts will have several different configurations for you to choose from based on the amount of space and bandwidth that will be available to you. Normally there is a very easy process for you to upgrade to a larger package so you shouldn’t be afraid to start small and buy more space and bandwidth as your company grows.

How Do I Make Money?

There are two ways to make money with your affordable reseller hosting depending on whether or not you pay for the account up front. If you choose to go with a free reseller, account the norm is for your web hosting provider to charge you a set amount for each hosting account that you sell and set up within your reseller account. The difference between what the hosting company charges you and what you charge your customers is your profit. Many web hosting companies that offer this type of set up will even handle the payment processing for you and send you the difference in prices.


This is an easy way to get set up if you don’t have any capitol to work with, but it really isn’t a good way to run your business. You never want anyone else to have access to your customers and the fine print of your agreement may state that if you cancel your reseller account your provider gets to keep the customers. Another arrangement to avoid is a web hosting provider that wants you to pay up front for your reseller account and then wants a fee for each account that you set up in addition to that. You should do your best to not get involved in either of these situations.

The best affordable reseller hosting accounts charge you a set amount up front, you collect the payments from your customers and the difference is your profit, and your provider never knows who your clients are. The most valuable asset that any company has, besides its employees, is its customer list. Your customers should be kept confidential and happy and you will stay in business for a very long time. Your affordable reseller hosting account should come with WHM and cPanel so you can easily set up and manage all of your accounts.

Keep Your Customers Happy

You need a way for your customers to pay you for hosting their sites on your affordable reseller hosting account. The easiest and simplest way for you to do this is to go through a third party billing company like PayPal. They will handle the payments from your customers so that you do not need to get your own merchant account. They do this for a small percentage that is normally base on your selling price and total volume. PayPal is so trusted by most people on the internet that you may wish to use it in addition to your own merchant account if you have one.

You also need client management software that will come with most affordable reseller hosting packages. This is a program that will integrate with both your payment processor and WHM to handle everything automatically so that you can avoid the manual set up of hosting accounts for your customers. Once the payment has been verified, it will use WHM to set up the individual control panel for your new customer’s website and send out an email that will contain any details that will be necessary to login into this account and set up their website. Make sure that your new customers have a way to contact you if they have any problems or you will lose them as customers. Your affordable reseller hosting account will get you started on your way to becoming a well-respected hosting company.

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