Akamai Competition Cdn:Who Is Better

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Akamai is one of the biggest cdn providers you are likely to find anywhere. This company derives its worth from many years of brilliant service and personally operates a large portion of the internet traffic of the world. With such a portfolio, finding an akamai competition cdn can prove to be a challenge. Even though this particular cdn provider has been enjoying the top slot for a long time, it seems that now with the inevitable mass growth of the cdn industry, quite a few new companies have slipped into the circle. Shares in the company are reported to be in a state of rapid decline as newer companies are getting all the bigger customers. Akamai no doubt has a backup plan but for now they are losing some of the larger users that considered Akamai number one not so long ago. Customers are searching for new companies that can grant them greater customization and are not as frigid. If there is a niche market to be found, some new arrivals have successfully exploited it already.


If anyone is an akamai competition cdn, they will have to diversify into many different types of web hosting and provision of cdn. These types can be anything from cloud hosting solutions to HD video hosting. Akamai naturally offers basic cdn facilities to, for the website owners who report a more basic overall use in their websites. The one advantage that smaller providers of cdn are having nowadays is that they are experimenting with more heavily customized packages and newer services which have gotten a huge clientele for them. Newer providers it seems have a little more freedom for such activities because they are not carrying around the responsibility of a hefty name so commonly associated with top notch quality. If they go wrong, they don’t have to worry about a mass user base being furious. Also with lower price ranges, the expectation level of users is a lot lower as well. This might be one of the reasons Akamai is losing out to smaller cdn providers right now.


Price has always been a major factor influencing Akamai’s exclusivity. For a while Akamai has made no effort to be accessible towards smaller website owners and has constantly kept prices on a high. In the long run this has proved detrimental to say the least because smaller website owners are a large portion of the existing user base. This is where small cdn providers come in and take the prize. You will find in your research that Akamai is amongst the most expensive providers out there and the ordinary person seeking quality hosting can perhaps only reach till their most basic packages. Akamai has ended up losing market share because of this very phenomenon. This company has also over the period of time acquired a few rivals which have added to its overall prestige. Right now the situation has stabilized somewhat as Akamai tries to lower some of its prices and appeal to many types of users.

A new need for many cdn customers is adequate user support which Akamai provides very efficiently. The risk that Akamai has had to deal with is the massive influx of companies that started providing video cdn. A long time ago Akamai was one of the only companies that provided it but now there is a startling number that provide it very well indeed. Customers now have a lot of choice and that can easily become bad news even for a major provider like Akamai. Akamai perhaps needs to look over its strategy and move around a few elements to become more effective in today’s market.

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