Alpha Reseller Hosting Takes Being A Reseller To A Whole New Level

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You may have taken a look at the reseller accounts that your web hosting provider has for sale while you were buying some other type of hosting and thought to yourself that it might be nice to go into the web hosting business yourself. If you just wanted to go into the web hosting business then the only thing you would really need to have is a reseller account, but getting an alpha reseller hosting account can take your new web hosting business to whole new level.

A reseller account allows you to resell your space and bandwidth to customers who are looking for a place to host their website. If you get a master reseller hosting account then you can not only sell hosting to customers but you can also sell reseller accounts to them. And when you purchase an alpha reseller hosting account it takes up another notch. With alpha reseller hosting you can sell hosting space to customers for their website, you can sell reseller accounts, and you can sell master reseller accounts so that your customers can also sell reseller accounts.

Choosing Your Alpha Reseller Hosting

Even with an alpha reseller hosting account most of the hosting that you will be selling is shared hosting packages to people looking for a place to host their website so you will be looking for all of the features you would be looking for in a regular reseller account. You want to make sure that you always have enough disk space and data transfer available that you can provide your current customers will all of the resources you promised them and have enough left so that you do not run short when trying to provision accounts for new customers.

You should also only be paying for the space and bandwidth that you have been allotted with your alpha reseller hosting account. Stay away from any web hosting companies that want to charge you a fee for each of the accounts that you set up for others within your space. That is a bad arrangement to get into and in the long run will cost you a lot of money and may cost you some customers if your web hosting company is not completely above board. Your customer list should be yours alone and you should not allow anyone access to it even your web hosting provider.

Bonuses You Can Pass Along

Many web hosting companies will offer you bonuses like site builder and website templates and you should be able to pass these along to your customer. Make sure that you have permission before passing these along and it would be preferable if you had a way to put your logo on them so that your customers think they came directly from you. You want to keep your customer unaware that you are a hosting reseller and not the primary provider. Your provider should have available private name servers and should give the servers themselves generic names so that your customers will not be able to figure out who your provider is and go straight to them for service and cut you out of your profit.

One of the most important bonuses that you can get with an alpha reseller hosting account, or any reseller account for that matter, is billing and management software. You will likely still have to set up reseller and master reseller accounts by hand, but billing and management software will allow you to automate the part of your business selling shared hosting directly to the end consumer.

It will verify payments and then automatically set up the hosting account as well as email all of the pertinent details to your customer so that you don’t have to do any of that yourself. This is an excellent bonus for you to be able to pass along to your reseller account customers so that they can automate their businesses as well.

No matter where you purchase your alpha reseller hosting account remember that you are running a business and you must treat it like one if you are going to be successful. Success in any business is dependent on how you treat your customers. Some of your customers will be experienced webmasters and will never ask a question the entire time they are with you while others will be brand new to this and ask a lot of questions. You need to be able to provide your customers will all of the answers they need and do so quickly.

Your alpha reseller hosting provider should have excellent customer service and technical support so that they can answer any of your questions quickly and correctly so that you can return to your customer with the answer. And if an alpha reseller hosting account isn’t quite enough for you, you can even get your hands on a super alpha reseller hosting account which will also let you resell alpha reseller hosting accounts.

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