The Advantages of the Best Blog Hosting Sites

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Using the best blog hosting sites can make a huge difference as you take your blog from the newborn stage to an adult. You see, your blog is much like a newborn and it needs many things to not only survive, but also thrive. It all starts with the foundation you build for it and that is what your hosting will provide for you.

If you choose a foundation that isn’t very strong, it’s like choosing the cheaply made crib that puts your baby in danger. You want a strong foundation for your blog. The good news, unlike a baby crib, blog hosting doesn’t have to cost more to get the best. You can find top blog hosting sites that are actually considered cheap web hosting providers.


To ensure you get the right foundation for your blog and you have the opportunity to move forward, you should check out FatCow blog hosting. They offer all the features and tools you will need, including WordPress, which is highly recommended for bloggers. In addition, they charge less than $4 a month for hosting.

What Your New Blog Needs

1. Content

Content is the food you feed your newborn blog. If you want to achieve success with your blog, you need to feed it often and give it quality content. This content cannot be just some jibber jabber you throw up with hopes of getting the attention of your visitors. It needs to be high quality content the user can actually put into practice.

No matter what the subject of your blog is, you need to provide useful content of at least 600 words per post. Give your readers what they want and you will see your blog start to grow. When your blog is very young, it needs as much food as you can give it each day. As it grows, you can cut back a little bit, and then a little bit more the older it gets.

2. Design


The design of your blog is like the clothing you get for a newborn baby. At first, you choose outfits that will keep the baby warm and secure, however as the baby grows you change the outfits into something cute. A blog is no different and you may start with a basic design to get it going, but after you get up plenty of posts, you may want to put more time into the design.

Research other blogs in your industry and use the tools you get with one of the best blog hosting sites to put together a function, yet attractive design. This will help your blog succeed and it will have a better chance of being bookmarked by visitors, which is always a good thing.

3. Security

Security is much like the shelter you provide for your baby. With a blog, it’s the plugins you use and the hosting you choose. By choosing a top blog hosting site, such as FatCow blog hosting, you get added security features on Linux servers. This will keep you from being hacked into and you won’t have to worry about security with a good host.


Another thing you get with the right blog hosting site is the ability to use WordPress. Through WordPress, you get added protection with plugins designed to keep you blog secure. This is something everybody needs and if you want to keep your new blog safe, you need to make sure you get the right hosting for better security.

4. Social Interaction

As your newborn baby grows older and older, you will introduce them into the world with other humans. Your blog is no different and it needs to be socialized, as well. There are a number of social bookmarking and networking sites you can introduce your blog on and each one will create a powerful backlinks / traffic generation tool.

By using the best social bookmarking sites and networking sites, you can gain powerful traffic. This gives your blog the chance to get spread around the internet by others. It’s like announcing your new baby to the world and you want to tell everybody you can.

Putting it All Together

Before you rush off and start your blog, take a little time to put everything together in a plan. When a couple finds out they are pregnant, the woman doesn’t just have the baby the next day. They have 8-9 months to prepare, get the things they need and put together a parenting plan. This is the same with a blog, but you don’t need months to plan it out.


All you need is a few hours or a couple days to do a bit of research and formulate a plan. If you don’t write well, find a writer to outsource the content to and the same with all the other things your baby needs. As you formulate your plan, figure out what you will take care of and what you will hire others to take care of. Then, use one of the best blog hosting sites, such as FatCow hosting and get started.

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