Blog Hosting and Why You Need the Right Company

Starting a blog is not as easy as some might make it seem, but if you start with one of the popular blog hosting sites, like FatCow blog hosting, you can take a large amount of stress out of the process. You need to make sure you get access to use WordPress for your blog, which is the best content management system (CMS) on the planet.

If you want the most out of your blog, you need to understand what the top blog hosting sites are and why free blog hosting won’t do the trick for you. This is an important comparison to look at and you should understand what you will need for your blog. There are many things you have to get, but the most important one is a solid foundation.


Why Even the Best free Blog Hosting Sites are Not Good Enough

Most of the free blog hosting sites won’t give you everything you need for your blog. Some only allow you to use one of a handful of designs and layouts, whereas the best blog hosting that gives you WordPress, will give you access to thousands of themes. You can even have one custom designed if you choose FatCow WordPress hosting.

With free hosting for your blog, you won’t get much space either. Since blogs grow over time and you will want to update them with new content often, you need plenty of space. The best blog hosting sites will give you unlimited space, so you can grow at any pace you desire. Whether you plan to post daily, weekly or monthly, you won’t have anything to worry about with a hosting company, like FatCow.

Some of the free hosting companies that cater to the bloggers of the world don’t even give you the option to use your own domain name. Technically, this means you don’t own your blog and they can shut you down at any time. This is not an issue with a good blog host and you won’t have to worry about this with FatCow. They even give you a free domain name for your blog.


There are many things that make free blog hosting accounts a bad idea and only one thing they are really good for. Once you have your main blog site built, with paid hosting and WordPress, you can use the free blog hosting sites to create feeder blogs with just a couple of posts that link to your main site. This can help with your overall search engine optimization and you can gain extra traffic with this strategy.

How to Eliminate Bad Blog Hosts

The easiest way to eliminate bad blog hosting sites is to read the many blog hosting site reviews out there. Reviews will either fall into one of three categories; positive, negative and honest. The best reviews to look at are the honest ones that fall in the middle and tell you what is good about the hosting company and what is bad. These reviews may contain pros and cons and chances are they will also give you plenty of good insight to use.

The positive reviews could be fake and they tend to be from hired people that have posted them to make a company look good. The same goes with super negative reviews and only a small percentage of these two types of reviews are actually real. The ones that fall in the middle and love the hosting, but also state there are a few things they don’t particularly like, are honest and good to help you understand what the hosting company actually offers.


Another way to eliminate bad blog hosting companies is to use the support test. Simply test their support options for speed, quality and professionalism. This will give you the best gauge as to whether they offer great service or not. A company with excellent support usually offers hosting on reliable servers, as well.

What to Look for in a Top Blog Hosting Company

One of the most important things to look for when trying to find the best blog hosting company is the type of servers they use. There are two main types, Windows and Linux, and many opinions about which is best. Unless you are dead set on using Windows products, we recommend Linux servers. They are more reliable, faster and harder for hackers to get into. This makes them very secure and perfect for your blog.

FatCow hosting uses only the best Linux servers for your hosting account. They will ensure you get the security and reliability you need and you won’t have much to worry about with FatCow. If you want to make sure you gain the most uptime from a hosting company, look for Linux servers, like what FatCow offers with every shared blog hosting account.


Why Some of the Most Popular Blog Hosting Sites are Not the Best

Just because others choose, a specific hosting company doesn’t make it all that good. Some of the best choices in hosting are not marketed as well as some of the largest choices. Popularity in hosting just means the company can market well. It doesn’t tell you whether those signing up are canceling a month later and looking for new hosting.

As a beginner, the hosting decision may seem easy and it can be. You just need to make sure you are not choosing a company because everybody else is. Make sure it is a reliable hosting company with plenty of space, bandwidth, features and the right level of support. A good reputation helps, as well, and FatCow blog hosting gives you all of the above.

FatCow Blog Hosting Makes Your Life Easy

Bloggers trust FatCow hosting because they gain access to WordPress, can host unlimited domain names, get as many email accounts, as they need and they professional support of a top web hosting company. Blogging is an active field and you may start a blog that requires content every hour. This means you need the unlimited space FatCow offers or your blog will hit a dead end.


The best part is that if you want to make money with your blog or blogs, you can use FatCow for all your domain names. Whether you want to start one project or 100 projects, you don’t need another hosting account. For under $4 a month, you get everything you need to start as many blogs as you want and even a few websites is you prefer. FatCow blog hosting is by far the best we have found and we believe they will provide you with the best foundation and support from the moment you sign up until you decide you no longer want to run your own blogs and websites.

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