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There are so many varieties of web hosting and the operating systems that run them that it seems hard to imagine that there could be any more variations to add to the list. Well think again, cloud computing has made its way to the hosting world and is taking hold fast. This breed of web hosting is much like its shared hosting cousin but can also be as versatile as dedicated web hosting dependent upon its structure.

Basically, cloud hosting is allowing all of the websites hosted on said server to run optimally when they are at their peak usage. This means that if your website is getting more traffic than the rest of the sites on your server then your website will take priority while this increased traffic is processed. But when that traffic increase has subsided at your website and others are seeing spikes in their traffic, they will receive the lion’s share of the resources on the server at said time.

This essentially is an ebb and flow type of computing system. It allows all users the computing power and bandwidth necessary to avoid traffic jams and slow loading pages. We all know we hate slow loading websites that fail to respond to basic key commands and fail to load when we click on an icon or “button” on said web page. This is all but impossible with cloud hosting at the wheel and why many users are starting to make the switch to cloud hosting and computing practices in general.

Rank Provider Features Price
1 Omnis Unlimited Space
Unlimited Transfer
$100 Adword Credit
2 Eleven2 512 MB Memory
30 GB Hard Drive
250 MB Bandwidth
3 JaguarPC Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Space
Free RvSiteBuilder
4 GoDaddy Unlimited Bandwidth
10 GB Space
Free $50 Facebook Ad Credit

Cloud hosting has humble enough beginnings and it is shocking it took this long to catch on. In fact cloud computing as a whole was created in the early 70’s and was strictly reserved for Government intranets and for large and very wealthy corporations. This highly malleable computing solution brought about a great deal of change in the computing world. It allowed companies and large agencies to pool their software and hardware in order to give all parties who needed it, access to all of the computing resources their company or agency had at its disposal.

For example, with a user name and login employees could access specific software from a central server or hub instead of having to individually license every computer in the company. This made computing more efficient and cost effective for the individuals who took advantage of it. So it is truly no wonder that this versatile computing method has made its way onto the web hosting scene. Though still young in its inception it is quickly catching on with web hosting firms and end users alike.

The Upside Of The Cloud

When you are in need of web hosting solutions and you are trying to stay ahead of the curve cloud website hosting is the way to go. Cloud computing as a whole has finally become common place and dare it be said a staple in the industry. There are web hosting firms the world over, all of which offer you different operating systems and boasting that their way is the best. But in all honesty, beauty still lies in the eye of the beholder.

Many have seen the rest and are now making the switch to cloud hosting solutions. This is due to its affordability and flexibility. Not mention the fact that your website will almost always be given the bandwidth it needs when your website is in peak usage. We then should mention the fact that with a cloud hosting package you can easily pay as you grow as well. Simply put, with most web hosts you have a certain amount of space and bandwidth available to you in the hosting package you purchase. As your website grows in popularity you will need more space for advertising and the email accounts held therein for your clientele.

This can be troublesome for the simple fact that you will have to either wait for your contracted service period to run out or hope that your web host can port you over to another web server. This is not an optimal situation to find yourself in at all. In fact when your website is ported over there will be a certain amount of down time and this can be very detrimental to e-commerce and business websites.

Thankfully cloud hosting providers have nipped this scenario in the bud. A cloud host can in fact grow your website in real time and avoid the pitfalls and hassles that porting your website can cause. All thanks in large part to cloud computing and its flexible structure. The affordability, flexibility and malleability are the best parts of cloud hosting in general, and why so many businesses great and small are starting to take advantage of this awesome hosting solution.

What To Look For In A Cloud Host

When seeking a cloud host there are a few things to keep in mind. You want to be sure that the web hosting firms you are vetting offer you the perks you need for the price you can afford. You also want to make sure that the firm you choose is a well trusted and capable web hosting firm. You do not want to make the mistake of creating a business relationship with a fly by night host that won’t hold up their end of the bargain.

It is important that the web host you choose has a proven track record with more than ample amounts of satisfied clients who swear by their web hosts capabilities and business practices. They need to offer you the ability to grow your hosting as your website gains a larger following and soars to new heights. This will ease the strain that takes place when you are forced to port over your website or even purchase a larger hosting account than you need in preparation for your websites eventual growth.

This is why cloud hosting solutions are such a wonderful advent to the world of website hosting. Finally there is a flexible and capable web hosting solution that can accommodate the ebb and flow of trends and as websites gain and loose popularity in some cases. Ultimately the end user stands to gain from this pay as you grow class of website hosting at the end of the day. So let’s take a look at some of the top tier providers that offer up this versatile hosting solution.


Omnis is a top tier web hosting firm with a perfect Better Business Bureau rating since 1999. With over a decade of experience in the industry, you can rest assured that you are with a winning web hosting firm. This crack team of seasoned web hosting veterans has enough experience and education to insure that you are always receiving top quality services at affordable rates.

While in their early stages Omnis provided web hosting and domain registration they have now expanded their reach to include a vast array of services for any and all who need them. Most importantly, they offer a wide variety of features you can pick and choose from in their flexible cloud hosting plans. If you are a Linux user, they have you covered. Looking for a Windows based cloud hosting package, look no further. With all of their features and 24/7 US based customer support it is easy to see why Omnis is one of our top picks when it comes to cloud hosting solutions.


Our top pick for cloud website hosting is Eleven2 for many reasons and here we will discuss them. Eleven2 was started in 2003 by two web designers who were well aware of the fact that the world was in need of a web hosting firm that was more concerned with their clientele than their profit margins. They understand that without their clientele they would be non-existent and therefore emphasize the need for top quality services and hosting as a whole. They are nothing like the fly by night companies that sell out as soon as they get noticed, they are here to stay and make no bones about it.

With server locations the world over you can be confident that Eleven2 can provide the solutions you need regardless of your location. They have 24/7/ 365 day a year customer support team that is ready and waiting to instantly resolve any issues that may arise. These individuals are tasked solely with rendering the best customer assistance in the industry, and the awards they have won speak for themselves. The best part about Eleven2 is their overall affordability. In fact their cloud servers start at 12.50 a month and range higher as you need more space or even managed hosting services as well. SO take a closer look at Eleven2, they could be the perfect fit for your up and coming e-commerce or personal business website. With ten grades of cloud hosting packages available it is easy to see why they are one of the most widely used cloud hosting providers on the web today.

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