Dedicated Hosting Solutions

Security is priority one for most e-commerce website owners today. This is understandable when we are plagued by hackers and the malicious software they create in order to wreak havoc on unsuspecting victims. Many website owners fear this pitfall more than anything else that can befall them. This is why we have seen a marked increase in businesses relying on dedicated hosting for their e-commerce and business websites.

Dedicated server hosting is an excellent way to help insure the security and safety of you precious clientele’s private billing information. This is the most sacred of the information your customers store on your website and what most hackers work so tirelessly to acquire. Keeping this information safe is paramount to creating successful business relationships with your clientele.

With dedicated servers you can trust that your business and your business alone is the only entity occupying the storage space on said server. It is this sole proprietorship that garners the moniker of dedicated hosting. This means that you will never have to worry about other websites taking priority over yours due to rate of traffic or any other defining variables for that matter. Dedicated servers are not governed by the same set of protocols as that of shared or VPS structured web servers. Because of this they are slightly more secure and more trusted than their lesser predecessors.

A dedicated server will house or store one website or series of websites under the same ownership safely and securely from one web server, giving you and your website administrator’s sole access to the controls that govern your websites and their security protocols. This drastically reduces the likely hood that hackers can find their way into your websites inner sanctum. And now that we better understand how it works we can talk more about why so many website owners choose dedicated hosting as their solution of choice.

Rank Provider Features Price
1 HostGator Managed Linux or Windows Server
WHMCS or WHM AutoPilot software
Free Website Transfers
2 InMotion Full cPanel/WHM License
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Email Accounts
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3 LiquidWeb Instant Server Setup
Automatic Migrations
Upto 48 Cores in one server

The Dedicated Hosting Pros

There are several benefits to having a dedicated hosting package, the first of which being the reduced possibility of your websites being hacked or illegally accessed by individuals with malicious or fraudulent intent. This is a concern for any and every website owner. But with a dedicated server this is less likely to be an issue for you to overcome. This is why dedicated hosting accounts are growing amongst business owners as a safe and secure way to do business on the World Wide Web.

Not to mention the fact that with this type of hosting account you can all but forget about downtime rearing its ugly head. Downtime is when your website is inaccessible by you or your clientele due to protocol errors or system overloads at peak usage times. Most of the websites that have trouble with downtime are typically hosted on free or overloaded shared web servers. With the right web hosting firm at the wheel these types of accounts are safe enough but can still fall victim to downtime in some cases. This lessened probability of experiencing downtime is one of the biggest selling points of dedicated hosting packages.

The best part of all of this type of hosting package is that you never have to share your server space or any of its valuable resources with other e-commerce businesses. Some of these e-commerce businesses may even be your direct competition. This is when a dedicated server package can give you an advantage over your competition. With a fast loading and responsive website you can rest assured you will be doing more business than your competitors. Most website visitors or prospective clientele enjoy a quick loading and easy to navigate website and would prefer to do business with you over your competitors because of it. These and many other aspects of dedicated hosting are why it stands above the rest when it comes to hosting in general.

The Top Guns In The Market

It pays to go with the best of the best when you choose any product or services provider. And when they make it affordable the decision is even easier to make. The top web hosting firms on the market today offer some of the best rated and widely trusted dedicated hosting packages out there. It is their dedication to top tier service and customer support that puts them a step above the rest. They are willing to go that extra mile for any and all of their clientele regardless of the size of their business or hosting account.

Their unmatched determination and reliability is what puts them at the top of their class, and why so many e-commerce business owners great and small continue to trust in them year after year for their website hosting needs. The most notable of these world renowned web hosting firms being InMotion and HostGator. Their unparalleled commitment to providing high quality services and products to their loyal clientele is what keeps them on top. So let us take a closer look at these capable and trust-worthy web hosting firms.


HostGator has quickly grown into one of the top web hosting providers in the world today. Since their inception in 2002, they are now able to boast over 8,000,000 domains hosted by their crack team of well trained and educated IT professionals. Their more than 400,000 satisfied customers should be more than proof enough that they are a serious player in the world of website hosting regardless of the grade of your hosting account.

This capable web hosting firm offers everything from shared web hosting to reseller and VPS hosting as well as their highly secure and cost effective dedicated hosting packages. And since their move to Houston Texas to a more than 20,000 square foot office space boasting over 12,000 managed servers at their disposal. HostGator is one of the fastest growing companies in the US and this can only be attributed to their commitment to excellence and to provide quality services for their clientele. This is why they can now boast over 400,000 happy customers and being an industry leader in customer support and service as a whole.


InMotion hosting is one of the best of the best and truly finds its only competition in the mentioned HostGator. They too have worked tirelessly to provide award winning products and services for business owners great and small. They understand your business as a whole and employ this strategy when creating their flexible hosting packages dedicated or otherwise. With a responsive and reliable server network based on the popular Linux and Unix operating systems you know that your website has its sights trained in on success.

The best part of this is the fact that all of their servers are individually monitored 24/7, without fail. This gives them complete control of their network and allows them to address any and all issues that arise in a timely and orderly fashion before you even realize that there was a problem to begin with. This translates into a drastically reduced likely hood that your websites experience downtime or any other problems for that matter. The best part about them is their dedication to their clientele and the fact that they will do any and every thing to insure the safety and security of your websites.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee you can rest assured that they will exhaust all resources in an attempt to satisfy your needs as a client. They understand that their success hinges on your overall satisfaction as a customer and cater to this fact in order to keep you satisfied. Set aside the fact that they are constantly striving to streamline their systems to make them easier to operate as well as looking for updated or better versions of the software necessary to maintain a top tier web server network for your websites benefit.

This is why we see a continuous increase in the websites that choose both HostGator and InMotion as their web hosting providers of choice. Both of these award winning web hosting firms have proven their metal in the crucible of e-commerce web hosting and web hosting as a whole. It is their drive for excellence in business and services that brings these two well trusted web hosting firms to the forefront of their industry, and why we and so many others speak so highly of them.

If you find that you are in need of dedicated hosting services and are looking for a top tier and well qualified hosting firm, then look no further than InMotion or HostGator. These well-respected and highly apprised web hosting firms will stop at nothing to render industry leading levels of services to any and all that need their specialized assistance. Many web hosts have tried, but few have risen to the heights that these two have achieved. This is due to their overall love of their industry and the companies that rely on them day in and day out for their dedicated hosting services. So take advantage of having the top web hosts in the world on your side, and help your business reach new levels of success with a website hosted on a dedicated hosting account from a top tier provider.

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