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There are so many shopping and auction based websites on the internet today that the numbers are staggering to imagine. In fact I am sure that many of us struggle to spend one full day away from a keyboard and monitor in some form or fashion. Whether it be to blog or catch up with an online social group, or find that perfect something we have been searching for at the right price, we all have become reliant on the internet to bring us one step closer to these goals.

So it is no surprise for us that the vast majority of shopping is done on the World Wide Web these days. This gives businesses all over the world an arena in which to operate internationally and bring their products and services to the customers who seek them. The best part about this is that small businesses can grow to be unbelievably successful almost overnight as a result. And success is the only reason we get into business in the first place.

If a successful business and an equally successful website are on your list of priorities; then it is high time you get acquainted with ecommerce hosting and what it means to your website based projects. First and foremost it is imperative that we understand the importance of a web host and the hosting packages they provide. Without them creating and providing a virtual environment for us to use as our framework or backdrop for our websites, we would be all but lost.

Web hosting firms create and manage the web servers and databases that make the existence of websites a possibility. They have the unbearable task of keeping their vast network of servers, databases and all of the equipment in between up and running all day every day and year round as well. Were it not for these companies executing these tasks daily, the internet would be a desolate place indeed.

Rank Provider Features Price
1 iPage Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Space
Free Online Store
2 HostMonster Unlimited Space
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
$100 Adword Credit
3 HostGator Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Space
Free Site Builder
4 BlueHost 24/7 USA Based Technical Support
$1.00 Dollar 30 day Trial
Unlimited Hosting
$75 Google Credit

What Is Ecommerce Hosting

So you may be asking; what is ecommerce hosting anyway? Simply put, ecommerce website hosting is a variety of hosting that has the online merchant in mind. If you plan on doing business online you need to have the right protection and business tools in place. An ecommerce hosting package will have all of the appropriate tools right there at your disposal.

Most ecommerce packages will offer you multiple secure shopping carts to choose from as well as secure emails for your many and varied clients. These are important factors to take into consideration because without the right options your online customer base will be severely apprehensive when it comes down to brass tacks. If they are not comfortable with the security levels or shopping cart system you use it could end up costing your business in the long run.

And like many other varieties of hosting you will be given access to different operating systems that suit your individual tastes and experience levels. Not to mention website creation tools and software with pre-manufactured templates so we can essentially drag and drop our website into existence. And with the right web hosting firm on your team you can rest assured that all of these criteria are met and fall within your budget.

What To Seek From A Qualified Web Host

The security and safety of the transactions that take place on your website is of the utmost importance and this cannot be stressed enough. In order for your ecommerce project to be successful you need to insure that your clients billing and other private information are locked away from the prying eyes of criminals or hackers. They are constantly attempting to access your clients’ payment information or even steal their identity and ruin their lives.

With the appropriate web hosting firm in your corner this will be a non-issue. Most well-known and trusted web hosting firms owe their notoriety to the fact that their clients feel safe and secure when using the bulk of their services. As a matter of fact, it is safe to assume that the top hosts in this field will offer you and your clientele the sense of safety and security you are looking for. And while security is a primary concern in these ecommerce ventures there is much to be said for being ready to become wildly successful.

It is an imperative you do not forget that the account you choose needs to be able to accommodate your websites success and subsequent growth due to said success. Let alone provide you with the appropriately secured environment for your clientele. You want to be sure that you get unlimited emails for the purpose of accommodating multitudes of customers that come with owning successful ecommerce websites. This is why you need to be certain that the account or package you choose has nearly or actually unlimited server or disk space and bandwidth as well.

The top web hosts will offer this in their all-inclusive ecommerce hosting packages and if this is not the case with the web hosting firm you are scrutinizing, then you may want to look elsewhere. You need to ensure that you offer the payment methods and shopping cart systems that are most trusted among your web savvy customer base, so that they feel safe and secure doing business with you. This will all lend itself to achieving positive word of mouth advertising for your ecommerce based website projects and businesses. And the top firms in the industry can give you just what your website needs for what your budget can handle in most cases.

And now that we have the more important features and inclusions out of the way it is time to take a look at some of the web hosting firms that offer ecommerce hosting solutions. And with multiple firms on the list it should be simple enough to find the firm best suited to your various budgets and requirements.

IPage has been in the hosting business now for nearly two decades and for good reason. They started their business with one thing in mind; bringing quality affordable shared web hosting perfect for small to medium businesses or the individual. They have a one plan one price philosophy that drives them and has been very successful to date. Because of their affordability and trust-worthiness their client base has continued to grow over the last 14 years, and will only continue in this fashion.

They have any and everything a website owner would need to create and manage their own dynamic interactive website at very attractive pricing. The iPage Web hosting package will have anything you will need to get started with creating and launching a successful e-commerce site. This plan is extremely affordable at an introductory rate of $38 a year and comes with all of the necessary bells and whistles to get you on the road to owning a successful ecommerce website.

Disk Space

IPage offers you plenty of disk or server space to accommodate your website as it grows in popularity. This will avoid the messiness that ensues when porting your website to a new account or another web host entirely.


With plenty of bandwidth at your disposal you should never have to worry about your clients having trouble accessing your website whenever they want 24/7. No traffic jams will be throwing monkey wrenches in your online business with the more than ample bandwidth that iPage provides.


With unlimited POP mailboxes you can rest assured that there will be more than enough space available for your clientele list to continue to grow for years to come. These email addresses make it possible for your clients to create accounts with you as opposed to simply shopping as a onetime guest.

If you are more familiar with the Linux operating system and wanted to acquire well-rounded small to medium business class hosting at an affordable annual rate then it is here for the taking. HostMonster has also been around for better than a decade and has the ever expanding client list to prove it. They too can offer you the necessary and ample disk and server space with the emails and security you need to succeed. They offer live 24/7 US based, award winning customer support for all of their clientele, and have since 1996. And you can get this ample hosting package for the introductory rate of $4.95 a month. Though the standard rate of $6.95 a month is still quite affordable when you think about all of the bells and whistles they include.

With HostGator you can get shared VPS (virtual private server) and dedicated hosting accounts. All of these well rounded hosting packages offer you the same amenities as the others only with increased security and safety. With standard web hosting coming in at an affordable $3.96 a month for three years $4.76 a month for two years and $5.56 a month for one year, the HostGator hatchling plan has some of the most competitive shared web hosting prices on the market. The baby and business plans go up slightly in cost due to their increased capabilities and inclusions.

If you are seeking the more secure VPS or dedicated hosting packages they are a bit more expensive but can still meet the requirements of most budgets. With VPS packages starting at $19.95 a month and up you can rest assured that they have the VPS plan you seek. And when it comes to dedicated hosting HostGator is very competitive as well. With plan prices starting at $139 a month you can rest assured that you are getting some of the best dedicated hosting services in the world.

Take the time to look these and other web hosting firms over before you make your decision on this intrinsic ingredient in the recipe for a successful ecommerce website. The success of your e-based business depends on it.

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