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Websites are an intrinsic part of our world these days. From shopping and entertainment to education and social networking, there is no shortage of websites centered on catering to their niche clientele. And without website hosting they would all be but the imaginings of a group of very creative people with no means or medium in which to create their masterpieces.

However this would not be possible without the web hosting firms that host the many websites we all enjoy. But you may be asking what a web hosting firm is and what they actually do? Web hosting firms program and configure networks of web servers to create virtual spaces for individual websites. They then offer said space to all of us who need it for our website based projects.

But the work for them does not end there, in fact it is only the beginning. These firms are then tasked with the management of the vast network of servers that store these websites and control the traffic to and from them. This means that there must be a team of experts in the information technology field on staff 24/7 to manage and maintain this network of web servers and databases.

Without these service providers we would be left to handle all of these aspects of website ownership on our own. In fact many of us would likely never have a website were it not for them. And now that we have established the role of a web host we can further discuss the different types and classes of hosting these web hosts have to offer.

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Web Hosting Packages And What They Offer

There are several types of web hosting and they all have their pros and cons. Most of which are related to the overall cost of the higher grades of hosting packages. In fact it should be no surprise that there are budget and high cost hosting packages available to insure that any and every person or business that needs a website can afford to. Here we will discuss the different varieties of website hosting to give you a better idea of what variety you might need and best suits your budget.

Shared Hosting

Shared website hosting is the most affordable of all varieties of hosting packages. This is due to the fact that the web server your website is hosted from is shared among hundreds of other websites in most cases. Many of the web blogs and other websites on the internet trust in and use shared web hosting to their advantage. This way they can save some money and still get their names out there among the clientele they are trying to attract.

In fact more often than not the websites you surf every day are likely hosted from such an account. Many of these websites rely on web hosts like iPage for their shared hosting needs. IPage is a skilled and highly trusted web hosting firm with the awards to prove it. They have very competitively priced hosting packages for any level of end user. You can get started with domain parking on the shared package for under $5 a month. And the original iPage plan can be acquired for $38 a year!

VPS (virtual private server) Hosting

Many businesses on the web use VPS hosting to their advantage due to the annual and monthly pricing. Virtual private server hosting is when a web server is shared among several websites by means of partitioned or separated virtual spaces. This is a hybrid in a sense because it shares attributes of shared and dedicated hosting. It is like shared hosting in that your website will “share” its server with other websites while being kept separated via the partitions. It is like dedicated hosting in that your website has its own private virtual space, cordoned off from the other websites on your server.

For many of the e-commerce and business websites VPS hosting is a great way to save some money while better insuring the safety and security of their customer’s private billing information. It is the increased safety and affordable rates that draw most website owners to VPS hosting and HostGator has very affordable VPS plans for all who need them. You can get these VPS packages from HostGator ranging from $19.95 a month to $209.95 depending on your needs and requirements.

Dedicated Hosting

If you find that shared and VPS hosting don’t fit the bill, you may want to look into dedicated website hosting. Dedicated hosting is the top tier web hosting variety and is typically best suited to high profile businesses and e-commerce websites, with a need for the increased security a dedicated server package can provide. Dedicated hosting is when a web server is dedicated solely to your website and your website alone. This means that only you and your authorized users have access to this server.

Many of today’s top business and e-commerce website owners are currently using this highly secure variety of web hosting. And a large portion of these companies rely on HostGator for their dedicated hosting solutions as well. This is due to their award winning 24/7 customer support and longevity in their field. They are one of the most trusted web hosting firms on the market today. You can get one of their comprehensive dedicated hosting packages starting at $139 a month and up to $299 a month depending on your needs and requirements.

Linux Hosting

Linux hosting is basically the same as all web hosting types, the only difference being the operating system by which they are controlled. Linux is an offshoot of the popular Unix operating system and is well liked for its open source roots. As a matter of fact Linux is a widely used and trusted OS among many programmers and code writers because of its flexibility and ease of use. This is typically used by individuals who are more familiar with Linux and Unix operating systems.

With so many of today’s end users being familiar with this capable open source based operating system, it is no surprise that a web hosting firm like iPage would answer the call. With their highly capable staff of IT professionals and customer service agents they offer the best Linux hosting packages on the web today. So it is no wonder that they have a vast customer base that turns to them for their Linux hosting solutions.

Making The Right Decisions For Success

Hopefully you now have a better grasp of the different varieties of web hosting packages and the firms that offer them. This is why we do what we do at the end of the day. We strive to give all who need it the information they need to make a well informed decision when seeking a web hosting package and the firms that offer them. Take a moment to look closely at these web hosts and their comprehensive and competitively priced hosting packages before just going with the first web host you find.

This can help you to avid buyer’s remorse and the painful process of porting your website over to a more suitable account at a later date. Porting your account over is when you find that the account you have is inadequate for your needs and have to upgrade your account or in some cases find a new web host all together. This can cause even the most successful websites irreparable damage due to the fact that your website is down or inaccessible for the duration of the porting process.

So it cannot be stressed enough that you try to anticipate to some degree the success of your websites in order to acquire the appropriate account for your particular website project. While no one can see the future, but if you hope to succeed in your web based endeavors you need to think about being ahead of the curve and plan for the eventual success of your project.

Essentially you are trying to avoid shooting yourself in the foot right out of the starting gate, and there is nothing wrong with being prepared for success. Regardless of the time it takes for your ventures to achieve said bountiful success; there is much to be said for preparedness. Being ready for what the web and your fickle audiences may have to throw at you will all but insure the eventual success of your website based projects. And success is the ultimate goal we all seek to achieve in any business endeavor, website related or otherwise.

So be sure to look into the web hosts that you think best suit your needs and get acquainted with their various hosting packages before you make your final decision. Being prepared and avoiding downtime and the other pitfalls that await the new e-entrepreneur before they become an issue can’t be overlooked. Ultimately you depend on your web host to help you succeed, and they too depend on your success for theirs as well. This symbiosis is the recipe for success for all involved parties provided the project is planned appropriately and executed by the numbers.

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