Reseller Hosting Solutions

There are many ways to set about finding a hosting solution and one of the more popular formats today is the reseller hosting solution. Many website owners will gladly pay for a reseller hosting account because of the services that the reseller includes in the price.

There are also those of us who aren’t well versed in the usage of site creation tools or writing script for that matter either. This is what reseller hosts usually do for thier clientele. They create and maintain the websites that their clients are in desperate need of to maintain a competitive edge in their respective fields.

When it comes to reseller hosting many may not understand what it is exactly so we will try to clarify that for you here. Reseller web hosting is structured as such. You have a web hosting firm that ofers to sell a reseller a bulk rate amount of web server space. This web server space is then re-sold to an end user for a slightly increased rate. This is one of the ways resellers make their money.

Though they make the majority of their income from providing other services outside of the web hosting or re-sold web hosting space. These services can range from website design and creation to fully managed website hosting services. Meaning that your only concerns will be that of choosing the content you want to adorn your website and letting your reseller handle the ins and outs of it all.

Then on the other hand if you are interested in becoming a reseller you will need first to secure a reseller hosting account from a reseller hosting provider. There are several web hosting firms out there today that offer up the reseller hosting opportunity for those who seek it. It should be said however, that one needs to be educated in the use and manipulation of web servers and the software and operating systems that make this all possible before taking on such a responsibility. If these requirements are met and you have found a reseller hosting provider then you are well on your way to becoming a reseller host yourself.

But if you have never been involved in or educated in this field then it is advisable that you avoid this variety of web hosting. This should be reserved for those who are ready take on the workload of running and maintaining several websites on their own. And if in fact you are one of the many who are capable of this task then reseller hosting is ripe for the picking.

The Pros Of The Reseller Business

Many of us would love to try our hands at web hosting to make money from home. The truth of the matter is that buying web servers, software and the intrinsic hardware that makes this symphony work is quite costly. Many of us could not even begin to afford this expense. This is why reseller hosting is such a great thing for all of us. This gives us an opportunity to constantly bring new life and standards of practice to the ever changing world of website hosting. For those with the knowledge and proper skill sets this can be the beginning of a very successful website design and hosting firm to call your own. Then you too can join the ranks of the top web hosting firms out there vying for your customers amongst your competitors.

The best part of these reseller programs is the fact that you can get started as a web host without having to purchase or maintain the expensive web servers and the hardware that makes it all work . You simply purchase the grade of reseller hosting account that you need and the web host is responsible for the equipment. Say for instance you owned and operated your own private server and equipment. You would then be left to monitor the servers and other equipment to insure that it is running optimally. Not to mention the fact that every little bump in the road will be your responsibility.

If for instance you have a customer complaint about load times or up-time it is your responsibility to field the complaint, defuse the situation and repair or replace the faulty equipment that caused the problem in the first place. As a reseller the only part of this issue that falls to you is the fielding of the complaint and then relaying said issue to your web host. Thus taking a large part of the burden of responsibility off of your shoulders and placing it squarely on the hosting provider. This will ultimately save you a great deal of money on equipment and software in the long run and why so many tech savvy individuals are taking advantage of the reseller hosting market.

So if you have experience with website development, design and maintenance and want to try your hand at web hosting without going belly up on equipment and software costs, a reseller program may be just what you need. Now you just need a world class hosting firm with the equipment and support staff to handle your needs. So take a little time to familiarize yourself with two of the best in the field right here and now. You may find the reseller hosting package fit for you and get the ball rolling on your own private hosting business today.

Rank Provider Features Price
1 HostGator Unlimited Domains
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Private Name Servers
2 BlueHost Unlimited Domains
Free Billing System
Free Spam Protection
3 GreenGeeks Unlimited Bandwidth
$1.00 Dollar 30 Day Trial
Unlimited Space
Free eNom Account
4 GoDaddy Host Unlimited Plans
Bandwidth overage protection
3 Dedicated IPs

The Hosts With The Most

When seeking out a web hosting firm with capable and affordable reseller hosting packages we need to keep a few things in mind. Like the server space and bandwidth allotments made available to you in your hosting package. Due to the fact that as a reseller host you will be hosting more than one website, the package you purchase should have unlimited domains, server space and bandwidth to insure a quality hosting experience for your prospective and active clientele. You also need to be sure that you are getting what you need for a price you can afford. This being said, there are two web hosting firms that we feel have raised the bar in regards to reseller hosting and we will take a look under the hood of each of these world renowned web hosts.

HostGator is one of the world’s most respected top web hosts due to their commitment to excellence in business and their longevity in the industry. HostGator is no fly by night, here today gone tomorrow web host and their more than ten years of service to many happy customers is a testament to this fact. They offer up some of the most affordable and flexible hosting packages out there, reseller hosting included.

With five tiers of reseller accounts available it is safe to say that HostGator has something for every potential reseller host to be happy about. The most affordable of which is just under $25 a month after the $19.96 first month introductory rate. The most well-rounded and all-inclusive account is only $99.95 a month after the unbelievably low introductory rate of $79.96 for the first month.

All of the reseller accounts from HostGator offer you unlimited domains, sub domains, email accounts, MySQL databases, cPanels and FTP accounts. And with 4,500 free website templates and 22 plus languages it is safe to say that the websites you create for your clientele will be more than satisfactory.

Since their inception in 1996 BlueHost has strived to be one of the best and most affordable web hosting firms out there. The primary goal being to provide outstanding, top tier hosting services to business and individual website owners alike. This has not changed and as they grow it will continue to be their primary objective. And with a 24/7 crack team of capable and educated customer support techs available, you know that any and all issues will be rectified expeditiously and without question.

BlueHost can also boast well-rounded reseller hosting packages for most any budget great or small. They offer three varieties of reseller hosting packages that range in price from $19.95 a month for the Sky Blue package, $49.95 for the Electric Blue package and $99.95 for the True Blue package. All of these well balanced hosting packages are well endowed and offer you unlimited domains, sub domains, cPanels, MySQL databases, email addresses and FTP accounts. And with free private name servers, billing systems, spam protection, website builders, simple scripts and multiple languages it is easy to see why BlueHost is one of our two top picks for reseller hosting packages, and why so many reseller web hosts turn to them for their reseller hosting solutions provider.

So if you have been thinking of getting started as a reseller host then there is no time like the present. And with award winning web hosts like HostGator and BlueHost leading the charge and the right knowledge base you will be well on your way to a successful career as a reseller host. So why delay the inevitable any longer, get your reseller business off the ground and start moving forward in your journey to become a top reseller host.

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