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With a world of websites that need hosting it is no wonder that there are different classes of hosting to better suit our individual needs. Many business and e-commerce sites look for a more secure hosting format. The most affordable of the more secure varieties of hosting is in fact VPS (virtual private server) hosting.

This is not to suggest that other varieties of hosting are not secure, only to suggest that an affordable highly secure hosting package can be found in VPS hosting accounts. VPS or virtual private server hosting is more secure in that each individual website is stored on and hosted from its own portion of a partitioned server. Unlike shared hosting however, your website does not share pooled resources and software. Your website is completely separated from the rest of the websites that are stored on your server.

This is where the heightened security comes from. Each website has its own resources and software and is un-encumbered by the other websites stored on said server. This means no slowed run time or page loading issues due to other websites accessing the resource pools at the same time. This is ultimately why VPS hosting is so attractive to e-commerce websites and business owners in need of a website.

You can rest assured that your website will be free from the prying eyes of malicious individuals behind the firewalls that protect your individual websites on the VPS server your website is hosted from. Most importantly, your customer’s private billing information is kept safe and secure. This will also help create a high level of confidence in your business strategies for your customers. Ultimately lending itself to the success of your business overall. And success is why we all need a website for our businesses today.

Rank Provider Features Price
1 InMotion 24/7 Managed Support
Unlimited MySQL Databases
90-Day Money Back Guarantee (12 & 6 Mo Plans)
2 HostGator Weekly Off Site Backups
Unlimited Domains
Private Name Servers
3 GreenGeeks FREE cPanel/WHM License
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited MySQL Databases with PhpMyAdmin
4 MyHosting 24/7 Enterprise Support
Instant Reboots, Upgrades & More
Bandwidth provider redundancy

Why VPS Over The Rest

When it comes to hosting, we could all stand to save a little where we can. In fact most businesses will do anything they can to ease the strains on their bottom line. Website ownership is no stranger to this, and many will try to save as much as possible in this area. It is important to understand that an easy to navigate immerse website is the reason that most of today’s more successful businesses can boast the sales and success that they do.

Many of these e-commerce and business websites are being hosted from a VPS server setting. This is much more cost effective than the dedicated server accounts you can find out there, with basically the same levels of security. And it is safe to assume that a shared server hosting account would be less than adequate for those seeking a more secure environment from which to conduct business.

This is why we see a rise in the overall interest in VPS hosting accounts today. More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of this highly secure and incredibly affordable class of web hosting. Your business could soon be one of the many who are taking advantage of this responsive and capable class of website hosting. Don’t let your business or website suffer from a less than capable hosting package. This could be counterproductive to your overall success and be the cause of your business suffering from a lack of clientele that are sure to be found via the World Wide Web.

Does My Website Need VPS Hosting

If you are a business owner and wish to expand the reach of your products and services then you are most assuredly in need of a website. A website is one of the most cost effective marketing tools available to business owners today. With it they can advertise their products and services in a format that is most beneficial to you as a business owner. For example, you can advertise and market the products and services you offer in a manner that best represents your companies position in their individual fields of business.

You can sell your products and services with your own personal touches in the advertising and marketing areas. This is an excellent advantage to have when you are selling products and services that are offered by several other businesses much like your own. But it would all be for naught if you have a less than capable web host with inadequate hosting packages to boot.

If you are a business owner who is looking for a safe and secure way to do business with your clientele over the internet then you will need to employ the use of an e-commerce website. For this you will need a secure form of web hosting. Many business owners choose VPS hosting due to its affordable rates. You can expect the same levels of security and safety as you would expect from a dedicated server here without the same price tag. This is why so many e-commerce business owners rely on VPS hosting solutions for their e-commerce websites.

What Web Hosts Can I Trust

There are several web hosting firms available to prospective website owners today that it can be a bit arduous to come to a decision on the one that best fits your businesses personality as well meeting your individual needs. This is why we see an increase in website hosting reviews cropping up every day. Many of these reviews can be biased and hard to understand for the majority of individuals new to the web hosting world.

Many of these websites rely on this confusion to make sales for their clients. However there are other review websites that show you exactly what each of these web hosting firms have to offer us. These are easily distinguishable because they typically link you directly to the web hosting firms websites from their review of said web hosting firm.

This shows you that the review site you are visiting is legitimate and has nothing to hide. With this being said, you can easily determine whether you are visiting a sales website or an actual consumer review site. This will help to ensure that you are being lead to the best of the best web hosting firms and not being sold on a less than reputable web host. So be diligent in the reviewing of the web hosting firms out there prior to signing on the dotted line with the web host that was sold to you.

Two hosting firms that best embody the honest and fair businesses we would like to do business with are InMotion and HostGator. We can now take some time to introduce you to these reputable and well-trusted web hosting firms.


InMotion has been a strong player in the VPS hosting market since their inception in 2001. Their hosting network is driven by the well-known and reliable Linux and Unix operating systems. And with 24/7 monitoring you can rest assured that your website will be up and running without any hang-ups. With 24/7 monitoring any problems that arise, great or small will be quickly resolved and will not rear its ugly head again.

This employee owned and operated hosting firm is comprised of educated individuals who are well versed in the ins and outs of web hosting as a whole. In fact each of their employees have a minimum of four years of hosting experience and are backed up by a staff of individuals with no less than a decade of experience in the field. With their 100% satisfaction guarantee it is hard to see any downside to the VPS hosting packages InMotion has to offer. This is why we see their customer base continue to grow every day and why your business could be reaping the benefits of this capable and affordable web hosting firm.

Founded in 2002, HostGator is one of the top web hosting firms out there today. They offer any and all website owners an opportunity to create and launch their own websites on any of their capable formats. From shared, reseller and dedicated to VPS hosting they do it all. No matter what type of solutions you are looking for they have you completely covered. This now Texas based company continues to grow in popularity due to their reliable and trustworthy business practices and their delivery of un-interrupted and capable website hosting services.

Their VPS hosting packages are no exception to this. They have some of the most sought after hosting packages on the web today and for good reason. Their longevity in their field and the fact that they are still at the top of their game after a decade in the industry speaks for itself. In fact may web hosting firms have come and gone in the time that HostGator has spent expanding its customer base, and strengthening their foothold in the industry.

So it is safe to assume that with either of these very capable and affordable web hosting firms at the wheel, you will definitely find that your website is always up and running for your clientele to access whenever they need it. Not to mention the fact that your company will actually save a little money on web hosting while still getting top tier services from the best web hosting firms in the business.

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