Cheap ASP Hosting Can Cost You Money

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If you are searching for cheap ASP hosting the most important thing to keep in mind is that cheap and inexpensive are not always the same thing. A hosting account that you picked up just because of the ridiculously low introductory price may end up costing you a lot more money than you had anticipated in the long run. Cheap ASP hosting is available if you understand what your needs are going to be and you find a web hosting company that can meet those needs and do so inexpensively. Your web hosting provider is one of the most important assets that your business will have so choose wisely.

ASP Hosting Needs

ASP stands for Active Server Pages and it is, along with its updated version ASP.NET, a Microsoft web server technology. This means that you will be looking for a hosting solution that provides a Windows server. A Linux server is incompatible with ASP as it cannot run any Windows applications. A Windows server is going to be slightly more expensive than a Linux server due to licensing fees that your hosting company must pay to Microsoft to use the Windows operating system and other Microsoft applications. Many inexpensive ASP hosting options are available and the price gaps will continue to fall as Windows hosting becomes more popular.

You will need to determine how much space your website is going to take up. A reasonable guess will get you close enough as most hosting accounts come with much more disk space than a normal site will ever use. Disk space is the lowest cost item when it comes to web hosting so many hosts will give you an unlimited amount knowing that your use will actually be quite small.

The next consideration is how much data transfer your site is going to use. Most web hosting companies will commonly refer to this as bandwidth although that term really means something slightly different. You will see hosting accounts that also give you unlimited bandwidth but you should read the terms of service closely because there is always some type of limit somewhere in the fine print. Make sure you purchase sufficient bandwidth up front to avoid large overage fees later.

Although web hosting companies most often tout the amount of space and data transfer that an account comes with, the amount of memory (RAM) and the speed of the CPU are much more important considerations. How much of these resources you are going to need will depend on how script intensive and dynamic your site is going to be.

The fancier that you get with your programming and the more bells and whistles that you add to your site the more memory and processing power will be required. In order to keep your visitors engaged your site must load quickly. Lack of memory and CPU speed will result in slow loading pages and visitors will not stick around hoping that your site will be worth the wait. Make sure that your cheap ASP hosting comes with enough RAM and a CPU that will keep it running smoothly.

ASP Hosting Options

When it comes to ASP hosting options you really only have two, good and bad. Most people looking for website hosting, especially first time customers, start and end their search with shared hosting because it offers the most attractive prices. This is the point where cheap vs. inexpensive rears its ugly head. The lowest priced option is rarely the one that will offer you the best value for your money.

In a shared hosting situation, the web hosting company squeezes as many hosting accounts as possible onto a physical server, this is how they are able to offer the hosting so cheaply. The problem is that all of these sites must now share all of the resources of that server. This might be acceptable if you are just running a site for fun but if you are running an ecommerce site then shared hosting will not meet the needs of your site once you start to get more than a handful of visitors per day.

Cheap ASP hosting for your business site will most likely come in the form of a more dedicated solution such as a virtual private server. A VPS will be available from your chosen hosting provider for just a few dollars more a month than shared hosting. It will provide you with much more value for your money. Your site will be completely segregated form all of the others and will have access to a guaranteed minimum in terms of the resources it needs to operate correctly.

A VPS will also offer an extremely easy upgrade path as your site grows, allowing you to add space, bandwidth, memory, and processing speed as you need it. Finding cheap ASP hosting does not mean just accepting the lowest price that you can find. Cheap ASP hosting can cost you a lot more money than you had intended to spend if it doesn’t meet the needs of your website.

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