Cheap Windows Web Hosting Is a Viable Alternative to Linux

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For many years if you wanted to find web hosting and you were on a tight budget the only choice you had was Linux because cheap Windows web hosting simply did not exist. While Windows still trails far behind Linux in the number of websites that use it for hosting, it is gaining in popularity. It is unclear whether this increase in popularity is due to falling prices or if the falling prices are due to the increase in popularity, but one thing is certain, you now have more cheap Windows web hosting choices than you have ever had before. Prices for Windows hosting at most web hosting companies are now comparable to Linux hosting plans.


Why You Need Windows Hosting

The increase in the use of certain Microsoft technologies has led to more people seeking out Windows hosting. If a website is designed with or designed to use certain proprietary Microsoft programs then the website is only going to work properly on Windows web hosting. A site like this may not even run at all on a Linux web server. Cheap Windows web hosting can satisfy all of your site’s needs if it was designed to deliver web pages using any of the Microsoft page serving technologies such as ASP, ASP.NET, or WebMatrix. These are designed to work specifically on a Windows server.

Pages that require FrontPage extensions may run properly on a Linux server with FrontPage extensions installed but only with the simpler extensions. More complex FrontPage extensions that require the ability to pull information from a database will only work on a Windows web hosting solution. If the information that your site requires is stored in an Access database, then you are going to need Windows hosting. Keep in mind, however, that many of the open source programs that used to only run on Linux will now run just as well on cheap Windows web hosting so you may host on Windows even if you have a choice.


Windows Web Hosting Options

The most common choice for hosting on Windows, as it is on almost all platforms, is shared hosting. This is accomplished by your web hosting company placing a large number of websites onto a single server. This type of hosting will provide you with the lowest price of all of the cheap windows web hosting options. If your site is small or is likely to only get a few visitors then shared hosting will be the best place for it. Shared hosting rarely costs more than a few dollars a month.

Unlike Linux web hosting, shared accounts on the Windows platform are much more likely to come with disk space and bandwidth limits than they are to be offered in unlimited amounts. This may allow your site to stay on shared hosting a little longer as it grows before it becomes necessary to move it to a more advanced type of hosting. Eventually, if your site gets popular, it will either get too big or receive too many visitors for it to continue operating smoothly in a hosting environment where it is fighting with other sites for a share of the resources.

When discussing cheap Windows web hosting options, it isn’t likely that a dedicated server was one of the choices that crossed your mind. Unfortunately, due to the licensing nature of Windows where the web hosting company must pay a fee to Microsoft for each copy of the operating system that is installed, many web hosting companies only offer Windows as shared hosting and dedicated servers. This means that once your site has outgrown its home on a shared hosting server, a dedicated server may be your only upgrade option.


When looking over the dedicated server packages offered by your web hosting company keep in mind that cheap doesn’t necessarily mean the one with the lowest price but rather the one that gives you the most value for your money. Many times, you will be able to find special deals on dedicated servers that will bring them within your budget. You also have full control of the server so that you can do whatever you want with it.

If you think that your site is going to outgrow shared hosting but not so much that it needs a dedicated server then you will need to find a web hosting company that offers virtual private servers on the Windows platform. A web hosting company that offers a Windows VPS may be difficult to find but will be worth the effort to locate this cheap Windows web hosting solution. A Windows VPS may be slightly more expensive than its Linux counterpart but will be of great benefit to you. You will have a dedicated amount of resources so your site will not have to fight for them and you will avoid the high cost of a dedicated server. A VPS may turn out to be the best value in your search for cheap Windows web hosting.

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