Choose Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting To Get Your Web Hosting Business Set Up Quickly

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If you are looking to start your own business then one of the quickest and easiest businesses to get involved with is web hosting. There are only a few things that you need to get started and with a little effort on your part your new business can be up and running today, possibly within just a few hours.
The first, and obviously most important, thing that you are going to need in order to start your own web hosting company is a cheap Linux reseller hosting account.

This type of account can be obtained from just about any of the large web hosting companies that you can find on the internet. Pricing is going to be about the same no matter which company you decide to purchase your cheap Linux reseller hosting account from so take your time and find the account that comes with the best tools to help you get your business set up quickly and easily.

What Is A Reseller Account?

A reseller account is a special type of web hosting account that you can purchase from many web hosting companies that allows you to be able to resell the available resources from that account, most notably the hard disk space and available data transfer, to other people thus becoming your own web hosting company.

You are, in effect, becoming the middle man in the process and the difference between what you are paying your web hosting providing and what you are charging your clients is your profit. Most cheap Linux reseller hosting accounts are just larger versions of the shared hosting accounts that host most of the websites on the internet so what you will be selling to your clients is shared hosting.

You will have several packages to choose from with most providers and almost all providers have designed an easy upgrade path so you will most likely be staring off with the smallest package in terms of disk space and data transfer unless you already have a large number of clients lined up.

Keep in mind that you are not limited in how much space and bandwidth that you can sell by your reseller hosting account limits. Most of those people that will be purchasing hosting from you will never use even a small fraction of the amount of space and bandwidth that they pay for so you can actually sell more space and bandwidth than you have.

This is called overselling. It is a perfectly legitimate practice that the web hosting company you purchase your reseller account from is also using. It is physically impossible for a hosting company to offer unlimited space and bandwidth, yet almost every web hosting company offers these on their shared hosting accounts. Just make sure that you have enough resources available for all of your client’s accounts to operate smoothly and be prepared to upgrade well ahead of the time you will require more resources.

Helpful Reseller Bonuses

One of the things you will need in addition to your cheap Linux reseller hosting account is some form of client billing and management software. Many hosting companies offer this type of software as a bonus with their reseller accounts these days so there is no reason for you to purchase a reseller account from a company that doesn’t.

This software is the key to having a web hosting business that runs smoothly and allows you time away from monitoring your business to do other things like sleep. Once your client has made payment for their new hosting account, your client billing and management software will check on the payment to verify it and then handle the process of setting up the new hosting account through your control panel and getting the necessary information to your client.

The software will send an email to your client with all of the pertinent information like the ip address of the hosting server, the login and password they need to access their new account, and the nameservers that they will have to use to point their domain name to their new hosting. Automating this process with software will save you a lot of time and aggravation.

You will also need to have a way to accept the payments from your clients. A good reseller account should also come with some type of shopping cart software that will guide the client through the purchasing process and then pass the information off to your client management software. The shopping cart should be able to integrate with any payment processing solution that you may be using whether that be your own merchant account or going through a third party billing company. You can’t run a business if you can’t get paid. A good cheap Linux reseller hosting account will allow you to quickly set yourself up in this lucrative business.

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