Discount ASP Hosting Is Available For Your Windows Hosting Needs

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Discount ASP hosting is available for those looking for Windows hosting solutions. This doesn’t mean that you should settle for the cheapest ASP hosting that you can find because you should be able to find a discount ASP hosting solution that provides all of the resources that you need. If you simply settle for what you can find at the lowest price levels you may be missing out on many of the benefits that a technology like ASP can offer to you and your website. Discount ASP hosting should still provide you with good value and a quality hosting experience.


Active Server Pages

ASP is a proprietary page serving technology that belongs to Microsoft. Active Server Pages is responsible for serving your web pages to people who come to see your website. As a proprietary Microsoft technology, ASP will work on only servers that are running on a Windows platform and will not work on servers running any other operating system. ASP was the prominent method to serve pages on a Windows server, but recent changes have replaced it with ASP.Net technologies and, more recently, WebMatrix. ASP, however, remains a popular way to serve up web pages.

ASP files are packages that you can use to wrap around just about any other type of file that can be handled by a web server. It can have HTML and XML files inside as well as server side scripts written in any language that your web server can understand and run. ASP files have an .asp extension, which tells the web server that it needs to run the file through the ASP engine for it to be parsed correctly. The ASP engine will examine the file and make sure that the necessary scripts are run on the server. It will then compile the results with all of the other information in the original ASP file and create an HTML web page that can be understood by a web browser.

The Power of ASP


ASP is an excellent tool if you are trying to design dynamic aspects into your web pages. It can take user input and add it to a database, compare it to information already in the database, or perform a calculation on the information and return the resultant value. Your web pages can be changed or edited, or content added that is specific to that user based on the information that they have entered into a form. Your website visitors will not even realize that all of this is happening behind the scenes in order to give them an experience on your website that has been custom tailored just for them.

ASP is one of the most secure methods that you can use to store and server data to your site visitors. ASP code cannot be seen by your visitors and cannot be understood by web browsers so there is no chance that your security can be breached. Discount ASP hosting can also help to speed up the load times of your pages, partially overcoming one of the biggest problem websites face when they are located on shared hosting.

Discount ASP Hosting Choices

Discount ASP hosting choices include all of the common hosting choices like shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. Shared hosting will have the lowest price of all of your choices but will also provide you with the lowest value and the least advantage to using ASP to serve your web pages. Reseller hosting is just a larger shared hosting account and may provide a small advantage over a normal shared hosting account for those that have multiple sites, but for the same price, most people would be much better served by purchasing a VPS instead.

A VPS, in terms of price, is going to be about middle of the road for those looking for discount ASP hosting. It will definitely cost you more than a shared hosting account, but a VPS is going to provide you much more value when you consider the guaranteed resources that it will come with. In addition, a VPS usually provides the easiest upgrade path for a site that will be growing over time. The only downside to VPS hosting is that it may be more difficult for you to find a web hosting company that offers Windows VPS plans. This has to do with the licensing fees that must be paid to Microsoft for each installation of the operating system.

A dedicated server will only rarely fall into the category of discount ASP hosting even if you are able to find a very good deal. Unfortunately, with many web hosting companies, once your site has outgrown shared hosting space a dedicated server is your only upgrade option. The exclusive use of all of the server’s resources and the full root access, however, may make enough difference to you in terms of value that a dedicated server may be the correct choice for your site when considering discount ASP hosting.

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