Discount ASP.NET Hosting Can Be Found If You Shop Around

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Everyone likes a discount when they buy something, especially when it is something that they have to buy because they need it. If you have a website that you want to get online then you have no choice but to purchase a web hosting account. If you are a proponent of the Windows hosting platform then most likely your pages will need to be served using Microsoft’s Active Server Pages.

Windows hosting options usually cost a little more than their Linux counterparts due to some licensing fees that have to be paid to Microsoft but it is possible with a thorough search for you to find a web hosting company that has what you are looking for at a price that you can afford. Discount ASP.NET hosting can be found if you shop around and compare the available choices.

ASP.NET Needs Windows

Linux is the most popular platform when it comes to web servers with BSD coming in second and Microsoft Windows quickly gaining ground to improve what used to be a distant third place. This increasing popularity has the price of Windows hosting steadily declining which is good news if you are using ASP.NET because you must host your site on a Windows server. ASP.NET and most other Microsoft applications and technologies are not compatible with Linux and will not run on a web server with a Linux operating system.

Even with this increased popularity of Windows servers, many web hosting companies still offer only limited options when it comes to choices for hosting your website. You will find many shared hosting plans to choose from and many choices if you want to go with a dedicated server but if you are looking for something in between then you may have to search far and wide for a discount ASP.NET hosting solution such as a reseller account or virtual private server.

Windows Hosting Options

Your lowest priced and most readily available option when looking for Windows hosting is going to be shared hosting. Shared hosting is normally a slightly more appealing solution for a more robust site when looking at Windows servers than it is when looking at Linux servers. This is because fewer people choose the Windows hosting platform and therefore fewer sites are normally squeezed onto a server. As Windows becomes more popular, however, the problems caused by shared hosting will still present themselves. Shared hosting is normally avoided by busier sites because sharing the resources of a server can cause slow page loading times and reliability issues that can lead to down time.

Dedicated servers are usually available in standard configurations from web hosting companies with little room for customization. The configurations are based on the needs of average users and each contain a balanced representation of resources when it comes to hard disk space, data transfer limitations, the amount of installed memory (RAM), and the operating speed of the CPU. If the amount of resources available with a specific dedicated server doesn’t meet your needs in terms of any of these areas your only available choice is usually to move to a more advanced server.

A dedicated server gives you root access to install any additional software or applications that you wish to use to power your website. If you choose an unmanaged server as a way to save a little bit of money then you will be responsible for all of the updates to the operating system as well as installing any security patches that may be released. Most users choose a managed server so the web hosting company will handle these issues for them. A dedicated server is the best hosting that you can get, but it comes with one large drawback, its large price tag.

Your search for discount ASP.NET hosting is most likely going to lead you to a virtual private server. This has become the most popular hosting option in regards to Linux hosting but the Windows version of a VPS has yet to gain a large popularity among web hosting companies because of the licensing fees that must be paid to Microsoft for each installation of the Windows operating system. Virtual private servers are, however, an available choice if you are willing to take the time to search them out the web hosting companies that do offer them.

A VPS will give you many of the benefits of a dedicated server while eliminating the huge drawback of the large price tag. A VPS will provide you with more reliability and security than shared hosting and ensure that your site will run smoothly without those annoying slow load times that you can get with shared hosting. If you are looking for discount ASP.NET then it will definitely be worth your time to search out a web hosting company that can offer you a VPS solution on the Windows hosting platform.

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