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Although a Dmca takedown notice is cause for much alarm; a dmca complaint is a relatively less serious matter. This is so because the complaint signifies that there is some time for you to fix the problem and discard any material uploaded on your site that apparently belongs to any one person. Sometimes some images or some article is mistakenly uploaded on different sites because they do not realize the importance of using only original content that has been legally bought by them or given to them by the owner. Many website owner do not even mean to plagiarize, they simply do not pay enough attention to where they are getting their content from. Dmca laws clearly indicate that this absence of mind is not grounds for letting anyone go without any consequences. If the complaint is dealt with in time, there is probably no reason why any further action would happen against the party that was contacted.


Dmca has been doing this type of law enforcement for quite some time now and they are well versed on all the aspects; especially the concept of what qualifies as copyright theft. Previously no one really knew what to do about copyright theft and they found the procedure lengthy and fruitless. Theft of digital content that belongs to someone else has proven to be much much easier thing to do, because it is more difficult to verify the actual plagiarist. On any one website there is a whole team of people working who further employ countless others. Blaming any one person might prove to be a very difficult thing to do because you might not be sure. An important prerequisite for a dmca complaint filing is that you need to be very sure about the nature of the theft and the person responsible for it. Bogus complaints are never going to be entertained and in fact you may become subject to certain consequences. As soon as you find that your content is not safe at all and someone out there is using it, you must contact Dmca directly and ask to speak to a specialist or lawyer. More on that subject; Dmca hires its own lawyers who have been dealing with such problems for many years and know all possible ways to get you what you want.


A dmca complaint is issued by Dmca to a website owner and a certain time period is allotted. If the person fails to comply, more serious measures will be implemented. The time period is very short so actions (if any needs to be taken) should be done as soon as humanely possible. Do bear in mind that there are never any specific people that are targeted and that the case has been looked over very carefully before a complaint was sent to you. After this initial complaint, a series of notices inevitably follow which need to be taken care of. If the contacted party still fails to do the thing asked of them, they will then be taken down through another set of procedures. Web hosting companies are often ordered to stop providing hosting services to the plagiarizing website as a last resort measure. After being entirely cut off from the source, the website owner can no longer operate and whatever success he was able to garner in the period of operation; ultimately amounts to nothing. It is better to not let it get this far because this sort of situation tends to be irrevocable. The advertising license of the website is revoked amongst other things and it is quite improbable that that site will be allowed to function as before again.

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