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Since copyright theft has become rampant in recent years, the implementation of certain types of laws is absolutely essential. Now such laws exist in federal law and state law and no one can escape from them. Dmca is one such organization that protects the intellectual property of all individuals and they can be contacted if you are having problems with knowing what your rights are and going about standing up for them. You can also go about clarifying your knowledge about a dmca takedown should you ever have to initiate one. This sort of takedown is very serious business and if anyone is presented with or mailed this notice, they should definitely abide by the rules stated and not wait till further action is taken place in a more aggressive way. Some people think that these notices can be avoided but there is a whole system that takes care of their implementation and no one gets away easily.


If you have writers that have been plagiarizing in the web content that they send to your website or you have taken part in such activities without realizing the very serious consequences of such practices then you may be confronted with a dmca takedown. Now here on out you can choose to go the straight way by coming clean about what you have done and then permanently removing the conflict material or you can wait. By waiting you are putting yourself in a very unsafe position because your site will then be removed entirely without warning and no one will be able to access it anymore. You may also have difficulty starting up a new site as web hosts may not want to be in close association with you. It is better to publish and upload only original material and material that you have permission to use on your platforms. Otherwise it counts as plagiarism and intellectual theft is not tolerated under any circumstances. To be on the safe side, be aware of where your limits end.


The general procedure of a dmca takedown is quite straight forward although initially it confuses most people and they think the easier thing to do is to just let the website owner in question use their material freely without the necessary authorization. No matter how inconvenient or troublesome the process may be, you have to fight for the rights to your own material and you should never relinquish them to someone else. In the end, the struggle is worthwhile because then you can make money off the content you have written, rather than allow someone else to benefit from it in a monetary fashion. It is a bigger deal that you have been led to believe. Use your content and protect is wisely using the necessary softwares and security details that are sometimes provided on request to client of hosts and cdn providers. Dmca does a number of things when a possible case comes to their notice. People usually write in to them and explain their problems. Necessary evidence is also provided.

Apart from looking over the evidence they have been sent, dmca carries out its own detailed investigations into the case. Through this they are able to ascertain who the real culprit is. They also have the expertise to single out an IP address which will lead them straight to the plagiarist. There are less chances of error this way around. Once the website owner has been found out, he will receive a number of notices before his web hosting company is given a court order to shut him down completely and his advertising partners are ordered to stop supporting him.

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