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Dreamhost was launched in 1997 by a group of friends. This company is headquartered in California, USA. The USP of this company is that its technical support staff is based in USA. Dreamhost’s customer support is highly effective and efficient.


Dreamhost offers shared web hosting services at just $8.95 per month. Some of the features that are incorporated in its hosting plan are unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, unlimited domains, unlimited Email accounts, Debian Linux operating system, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited FTP.

VPS Hosting
Dreamhost also offers VPS hosting to its customers. The price of a VPS plan depends on the amount of RAM that is included in the plan. As far as Dreamhost’s VPS plans are concerned, for $15 per month you can get 300MB RAM. Furthermore, at $30 per month Dreamhost offers 600MB RAM, for $50 per month 600MB and at $200 per month you can get 4000MB RAM.
On the contrary, there are numerous advantages of Dreamhost’s VPS hosting. The first and the foremost advantage is the flexibility. You can enhance your performance as your website grows. Other advantages of Dreamhost’s VPS hosting include more control, no extra fee, ease of use and enhanced reliability.



You can find several different coupons of Dreamhost on the internet. Here are a few coupons that I found during my research.
1. RMNDOMAINS – Avail this coupon code and get 5 domains free of cost.
2. RMNDISK – if you redeem this coupon you will get 100 percent additional disk space.
3. SALE13 – this coupon allows you to get a discount of 60 percent on Dreamhost’s hosting service for the 1st year.
4. GIVEMEMAX – this coupon offers up to $50 off on Dreamhost’s hosting plans.

Keep in mind that you can find a number of other coupons on the internet. Before you redeem a coupon just make sure that it is a valid coupon. Companies offer coupons and discounts as part of their marketing strategy. As the competition in web hosting business is increasing day by day, companies try to attract new customers by offering coupons and discounts. Additionally, coupons and discounts are also targeted towards the existing customers.

I personally recommend everyone to hunt for active coupon codes as they help you save money. The saved amount can then be used for other business purposes. Many hosting companies offer up to 75 percent discount on their hosting plans.

On the other hand, the process of redeeming a coupon is very simple. At most of the times you just have to enter the coupon code in the promotional box that is visible at the time of the registration process. Once you are done with entering the coupon code, simply click on the validate button.


Dedicated server hosting
Dreamhost’s dedicated hosting is most suitable for large businesses that attract a lot of traffic. It offers 6 different types of dedicated server packages. The cheapest package is called New Moon 2. This plan incorporates 2GB RAM, 500GB disks space and a desktop grade CPU. The price of this plan is $109 per month. Other dedicated server plans that are offered by this company are called Half Moon 2, Half Moon 4, Blue Moon 4, Blue Moon 8 and Blue Moon 16. Blue Moon 16 is the most costly plan as it is priced at $249 per month. The plan includes a server grade CPU, 16GB RAM, 1 RAID and 1TB disks space.

The bottom line is that Dreamhost is an excellent and reliable hosting provider. Its popularity continues to grow with each passing day. Moreover all its hosting services are affordable and reliable.

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