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Apparently, things have become easier with the innovations brought by the Internet. And as the opportunities are opened by the Internet, more business owners are starting to realize the importance of building a website to succeed in their chosen niche. Many business owners tend to spend much time and effort in finding the right web hosting service and company.


Among the most popular web hosting solutions is the .Net web hosting. Based on the feedback of web developers, this web hosting option remains to be on top of their list. To understand things further, it would help to look into the available options under .Net web hosting services.

Shared hosting

The shared web hosting option refers to a platform that allows providers to given a portion of the server allotted to you. Under this plan, the business owner who avails the plan is assigned a specific amount of bandwidth and disk space as agreed between the host and client.

In addition, shared web hosting services do not allow users to install programs like Windows server operating system or any backup software. Users are also not allowed to work on the configuration of the ISS server.

VPS hosting

The VPS hosting option is essentially based on the virtualization advancement for Windows servers. This serves as the primary entry point for the .Net hosting. This type of web hosting providers a dedicated Windows Server that runs with other VPS under a common server. This means users can have an isolated server. They are also allowed to use backup utilities. SQL and ISS setup is allowed as well.

The dedicated resources may include bandwidth, disk space, CPU and memory.

Dedicated server hosting

Under a dedicated server, the hosting plan is considered fully suitable for small and medium organizations. Thus, in using applications that need high resource, you need to avail a dedicated server. The major limiting factor for this hosting is that while memory is intended for the same hosting plan, the disk and CPU are essentially shared with other VPS plans within the same server.

Free versus paid options

Along the way, you might also find options asking you to avail free or paid .Net web hosting options. Some starters tend to choose free web hosting programs, but needs of businesses are different so you also need to check if what you need are being offered.

With free Internet hosting programs available these days, you may add content such as photos and text files without having to pay anything. This is ideal for someone who is not yet well-versed in web developing. This could be an initial step in getting acquainted with the server.

On the other hand, paid hosts provide a bigger chunk on the server. The charges differ depend on the plans to be availed. Some can be paid monthly or quarterly. Some of the cheapest plans are pegged at $4.95 per month. This option is ideal for those who need additional bandwidth, storage and other features.

For business websites, it is still best to choose paid hosting services as this ensures that your website would look professional. Professionalism is something business owners should not compromise, especially in building a website. A business website can bring a good or bad impression among potential clients, so you need to give your best shot through this platform. And the first step in building a good website is finding the perfect host who can give the things you really need. This also ensures that you are not going to pay for the services and features that are of no use to your business website.

Getting the right hosting provider

.Net web hosting is a popular option for web developers who wish to get high uptime. Getting the right provider could be a bit challenging since there are lots of options available. To ease out your burden, you should list down your exact needs before you start with your search. If you are running a business website, it is recommended to invest your money on something where you can get the total value. Some are just good in alluring potential clients, but end up rendering poor services.

Some may not offer .Net as part of the package, so you still need to assess the hosting package carefully. As for the track record of the host, you should gather enough reviews from past and current clients for you to get an objective assessment of the provider. Otherwise, you might waste your money, time and effort on something that will not bring any good to your business or personal website.

To be able to find the right choice, make sure to compare their offers first before signing up for a deal. Weigh your choices carefully to get the full value of your money!

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