Google Blog Hosting And The Blog You Rode In On

For millions of people all the world over there is one thing they simply cannot live without, their favorite hobbyist or social blogs. There are also forums that offer you an opportunity to connect with others suffering from the same afflictions and setbacks in life and the people we meet herein can help to counsel us in many different areas of our lives.

The same can be said about many of us who find advice on business scenarios a well. We would be completely lost without the blogs and threads that we use to find the answers we are looking for. Many of us would be completely lost without these websites and would subsequently still be fumbling around in the dark searching for the answers to the problems and issues that plague us every day.


So many of the bloggers out there today are reliant on free website hosting and simply pay annually for their domain name and the registry of said domain name. This is typically the least expensive part of your web hosting fees. Depending on the registrar you could find that you are paying no more than two dollars a month for our domain names.

Though there are some short comings with free website and blog hosting, many of us still rely on such a hosting solution in order to save a bit of money. But if you find you can afford a qualified paid web hosting firm then you will most likely be given access to WordPress for your blog. A WordPress blog could be just what you are looking for in regards to your blog site and how you interface with it.

This is an affordable and much more secure alternative to Google blog hosting in some degrees due to the fact that Google blogger is a free blog and can be much less secure than a paid website hosting and the free domain names they offer you .

Where Can A Blogger Find Hosting

There are so many of us that have taken on the task of blogging about a particular subject and for this reason alone there has been a rise in blog websites and the web hosting firms that offer hosting affordable enough for the blogger in all of us. We all have opinions and views on various subjects that differ slightly or even completely and for this reason we find that more blog sites are popping up every day in an effort to better educate the populous.


You can log on to the web and find a blog about most any possible subject under the sun. Though there are many of these blogs this doesn’t mean that all of the various trends or points of view are addressed. There are many different blog sites that are talking about a veritable cornucopia of issues, hobbies, personal interests and opinions that are sure to differ from our own yet in some cases we find that we are in just the right place.

None the less we could still be contributing to our various business, hobbyist and personal interests with a WordPress blog or Google blog hosting. Though one can achieve such a feat with a Google blog site it is highly recommended that one give a paid web hosting firm an opportunity to give you the hosting you so deserve.

With a paid web hosting firm you can be sure of one thing, your website will be up and running in a safe and secure environment that your visitors will continue to return and enjoy day in and day out. With a free blog site you may have a blog that visitors can enjoy but you will be missing out on the customization and flexibility you are afforded with a paid website hosting firm. This is why many bloggers are starting to make the switch from a free web host to a paid web host in order to enjoy the heightened security and customizable website templates and site builders afforded to you from a website hosting firm.

Blog And Blog Alike


So hopefully you can see the clear cut difference between a free website hosting package and the lack of controls and amenities that are found in comparable web hosting solutions. While free is incredibly affordable it has its downsides and short comings and this is why the hosts in question offer their services for free.

A Google blog hosting account is a great way to get your feet wet but may not give a blog hardened veteran the controls and customization capabilities they are used to.With paid website hosting account you will be given access to WordPress, one of the most widely use blog content management systems in the world today. So it should be stated that all web hosts are capable of hosting your website whether they are a free host or not.

While Google blog hosting may be affordable because of its free nature, it is also going to fall short of expectations in many areas for those of us who are more familiar with content management systems and the level of immerse customization afforded to them in previous website projects with paid web hosting firms at the helm.

Let’s face it folks, you get what you pay for these days, and a free website host could translate to a less than desirable experience in comparison even to the least expensive of web hosts. So it is vitally important that we take the time to closely scrutinize web hosting firms until we come to a decision on a firm that best suits our budgets and particular needs.


There are an ample amount of web hosting reviews out there that showcase everything from the most to least expensive website hosting firms we have to choose from. There are good and bad firms out there and it is important we are well informed on these website hosting firms and what the public opinion of them is to help us narrow down the field of possibilities to the best of the best. This can be done by comparing the monthly rates and hosting package inclusions of each firm against one another to come to the best decision possible for you and your websites future.

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