Google Domain Registration And Your Website

Why do you need a domain name?Have you found that you are like many of us today and couldn’t possibly get by without the internet and the wonderful collection of websites that make it up? These websites offer us the distractions we most enjoy in life, while keeping us up to date on current events and trends the world over. The websites we all know and love so much would not be here were it not for domain registration for their website.

We will discuss what domain names are, Google domain registration, domain registrars and what this all means for your website. We will take a look at the process behind domain registry and how it has evolved over the years as well. This is a very technical subject and for this reason can be quite confusing for us when we lack the IT degrees that the individuals who devised this system can boast.


This is why many of us just rely on free domain registry through a web hosting firm so we don’t have to worry about this being an issue for us at the end of the day. This does not however mean that it is any less important to understand this process and how it can affect you and your website in the long run.

What’s In A Domain Name?

In order for a website to have a physical address or IP (internet protocol) address it is a necessity that it have a registered domain name with the Domain Name System or DNS. This will give the website you are visiting the physical address necessary to make data exchanges between two or more entities via the internet ion a secure and safe fashion.

A domain name is essentially an identification marker or string of data that associates a website, web server or personal computer with a specific address or series of numbers specific and unique to said website, web server or personal computer terminal that will be used to access the internet. This is known as an Internet Protocol resource or IP address.


Domain names are categorized in different levels due to their status, TLD or top level domains and gTLDs or generic top level domains and the country code top level domains or ccTLD’s being the upper echelon of this domain name world. These are the more widely known domains such as .com .net and .org, all of which are very familiar to those of us who spend any time on the web at all.

These are the typical domains and the more popular domains which is why you will see them being more widely used on the web over the second and third level domain names assigned to people attempting to connect LAN or local area networks to the web or creating a publicly accessible web resource for use by the public.

Where Can I Get A Domain Name?

Google Domain Registration and What a Domain isSo now that we have a better understanding of what a domain name is, we can now take a closer look at the domain registrars we can obtain said domain services from and what their role is in all of this. Many of us these days are starting to feel the urge to create a website for the purposes of selling our goods and services or simply sharing an opinion.

Regardless of your various needs or purposes one simple fact remains; you need a domain name in order to secure your place on the world wide web. In order to obtain said domain name one must employ the use of a domain name registrar. Though in some cases a web hosting firm will offer you a free domain name with your hosting package, if you choose to employ a firm who does not in fact offer free domain registries you will have to pay for one through your web host or any of the endless supply of domain registrars we can find all over the web.


Why are Google Domain Names Becoming so Popular?

Google domain registry is quickly becoming one of the more cost effective and popular ways to procure a domain name for many website owners great and small. This is due to their vast capabilities and drive to offer the most well-rounded domain name registry with pre-configured Google apps and services like Google Sites and Gmail for customizable email addresses. So if you are one of the millions who wish to launch a website than you are one of the millions of us who need a domain name to get this process up and running.

Google will offer you mobile access to your domain via any of your internet ready mobile devices from anywhere you are. So if for instance you are at the beach enjoying a relaxing sea side sun soak and realize that there are changes to be made then you can do so without having to access your domain or website from your main terminal. One could simply roll over and grab their smart phone and access their website or domain from there.

This will grant you unprecedented access to all of the features of your domain account with a drastically increased level of convenience and flexibility. This is all done via a private registration which affords us a greater or increased level of security for the protection of critical personal information that could be compromised with a lesser registrar.


Not to say that it would most assuredly be at risk, but why leave this to chance if you can avoid it. You can also work virtually in real time with your business associates and colleagues to manage and update documents and countless other data streams as well. Google has been a leader in this industry for quite some time now so it stands to reason they would create a user friendly interface for this all to happen.

The World Wide Web would not be the same without all of the individual websites that make it up. These websites would be but the imaginings of an insanely intelligent individual were it not for the world wide web and the domain registrars and website hosting firms who breathe life into our digitally run computer based world.

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