A Google Free Domain Name, Is It In Your Future?

We live in a world of tech savvy internet ready individuals who use every second of the day either furthering their business or social lives via the website rich world wide web. This has increasingly become the way we all stay in touch with our friends, family and business associates as well as keeping up with current events and getting great deals on any and every item we could ever possibly imagine.

This is all made possible by the wonderful people who have taken the time to launch social, e-commerce, research and blog websites through which we execute these tasks daily. We can even find counseling and medical advice on several different websites at our beck and call twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. the internet has truly become our go to guy for most any query or conundrum we find ourselves facing. There are so many helpful and informative websites today that we actually have a harder time not finding an answer for something than we do with finding an answer to almost any question we could possibly ask.


So it stands to reason that this fevered push for an easier way to keep in touch and find the items and answers we need will continue and for this reason we will rely on these many varied websites for all we require for most any situation. This is why many of us today have decided that the world needs to hear and see our point of view via a website of our own.

Many wish for a Google free domain or free domain name and in some cases this is possible but there are certain requirements that are set in place by the domain registrar or web hosting firm you choose. In order to realize this dream we will need the assistance of a domain registrar and a web host or a web hosting firm that can offer you the opportunity to register your domain name with the DNS( Domain Name System).

There are several different ways to go about acquiring a domain name and registering it that it can be an arduous task for those new to the website world. But there are ways to simplify this process and we will discuss this later on in this article.

Your Domain Name Is Waiting

For many of us today we find ourselves actually following through on the website ideas we have and launching the website projects we have been keeping on the back burner. This is why we see a rise in website hosting firms and hosting resellers alike. They have risen to meet the demands of a world of waiting consumers who need the various services only a web hosting firm and or a domain registrar can offer.


We have only to search and ask the right questions to find that there a vast array of web hosting firms that offer you a domain name for very little or even for free. Many people think that one can acquire a Google free domain. This is in fact not true, the only way you can truly find a free domain name is through a web hosting firm that has a contract with a domain registrar and can offer you at least one free domain name as a part of your monthly or annually billed hosting package.

Google does not offer free domain names but does in fact offer free hosting to a certain degree. While you will find several free website hosts you will however have to pay for your domain name and registry in order to launch your website. Domain name registry is very inexpensive for the most part and for this reason a free domain name isn’t exactly a necessity for those of us who can’t afford a monthly hosting bill but need a website.

This is why there are so many different options for all of us to choose from. A free web host may suit your needs so the expense of an annual fee for a domain name is very affordable for most of us. You can find domain names for as low as $1.99 and upwards of $10.00-$15.00 a year. So whether a free domain name from a paid web hosting firm or a free website host with a domain name and the associated costs we can easily find affordable website solutions.

A Reliable Web Host Can Make All The Difference

A large portion of the website owners today are now finding that website hosting can be very affordable when shopping the shared variety of the hosting realm. Shared web hosting can be the most affordable type of hosting for most of us and for that it is gaining in use and popularity. Not to mention the fact that many of us will be given an opportunity to create, select and register our domain names for free.


Some of which will even give you more than one domain name for free. These web hosting firms can do this because they have a partnership with a domain registrar and can afford to offer the free domains they do because of this partnership. For many website owners this is a manageable and affordable solution that seems to negate the idea of finding a free web host and paying for the domain names and registries for our free hosted websites.

This is much more desirable because of the security that you get when you have a paid website host that can offer you round the clock customer support, guaranteed server space, bandwidth and uptime just to name a few. So if you have a blog site and wish to avoid a monthly or annual hosting bill but need a domain name you will do well with free website hosting and a domain registrar.

The only problem is that you will be missing out on the highly customizable control features and the free domain registries afforded to you from a qualified web host in a proper partnership with an affordable and capable domain registrar. So look into the web hosting firms that can offer you an affordable secure hosting solution with at least one free domain name at the least.

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