So What About Google Web Hosting

There are countless thousands of us every day that spend our time on the internet or computer terminal for the majority of our day. While at work we spend our time accessing the various data files we need in order to complete our daily tasks. Then at home we may spend the evening enjoying our favorite video websites for their entertainment value.


Or perhaps we spend our evening’s Blogging about our cares and concerns with other similarly minded individuals we meet in our favorite forums. This is what life is like for the better part of the masses and such is the evolution of mankind. We have such a versatile research tool in the World Wide Web that we almost no longer need a library for any of their original purposes.

The Positive about Hosting with Google

The good thing about this is the fact that now one can simply log onto the web from their computer and have access to countless thousands of websites that discuss at great length the things that perplex us or peak our interests, either way there is a treasure trove of information on the web perfect for educational and entertainment purposes.


The thing to remember here is that without a web host or web hosting firm one would be hard pressed to find a single thing on the internet. Web hosts use high powered or main frame computers (web servers) to create a space for companies and individuals alike to launch and store the intrinsic data that makes their websites the place we love to visit every day.

While there are several web hosts out there today many potential website owners would love a place to get their feet wet prior to getting involved in a long term service contract with a web hosting firm. Many will try a free website hosting or Google web hosting account as an alternative to paid web hosting solutions in order to save a buck or two. This is an excellent way to get your start without having to commit to any service agreements, but will be lacking in many of the controls and services you can count on from a paid website hosting account.

What Can One Expect Of A Free web Host

In many cases the free web hosts out there will offer you just what you are looking for. Most of us are not IT pros or webmasters so a website can be a daunting and arduous task for the novice or beginner new to such technologies. There are many different aspects that one needs to be fully aware of when they are using such services from an unpaid distributor.


Essentially, the services you will receive from a free website hosting account will basically pale in comparison to that of the offerings of a well-rounded paid web hosting package. This does not mean that a free web host is incapable of hosting your website, just that the services, software, controls and tools available will be of a diminished variety and not the fully customizable variety one would experience with a paid website host.

However, if you are new to the world of website management and creation and wanted to learn a little more about how websites are created and built then stored for later access by the waiting world then this is a very cost effective way of learning the ropes as they say. While many use Google web hosting because of its free or zero dollar price tag they are by no means the only free web hosts out there.

A simple key word search for free website hosting will bring up pages of web hosts who offer a free website hosting service of some sort to get you to take a closer look into the paid hosting solutions they offer. This is another great way to “test drive” a web hosting firm before you get locked into a web hosting contract with said company. Not to mention you get a chance to get a feel for the different software and website creation tools used by novices and pros alike. This is why many of us newbies opt for such a situation when it comes to web hosting. If we could do this with all of our service providers I am sure we would all take advantage of this.

The Downsides Free Hosting with Google

For the multitudes of us that find ourselves in need of website hosting yet have no idea what it means , free website hosting is definitely the way to go if your budget will not allow for a managed dedicated hosting package. Many of us will find that this level of service is quite costly and that it is just out of our price range.


This is why it is so helpful to use a free Google web hosting account to get an idea of what a website owner or webmaster needs to do in order to maintain a website via the tools and software allotted to you in your hosting package. Although a seasoned blog hardened web veteran may simply say that you are not afforded the control or freedom you will find in a free web host.

This is due to their familiarity with website construction and the use of the software tools given to the end user in such paid hosting accounts. While this is a valid argument, it does not necessarily make paid web hosting the only way to go. Truthfully speaking, it is really up to you at the end of the day. The reality is that with a free web host you will save a great deal of money while possibly missing out on some software, tools and services afforded to those who pay for their hosting services.


While with a paid hosting account you will be given the keys to the kingdom so to speak as long as you are willing to pay for these amenities. So whether through the use of paid or free hosting solutions you can get your website up and running to share with the world. This is ultimately the goal we have all set out to achieve when we create and launch our own websites.

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