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PRWeb is one of the best and most popular press release and distribution companies in the market. It is a subsidiary of Vocus, a company which is known to provide quality press release software’s.

The following are some of the packages offered by PRWeb.


1. Standard Visibility – The standard visibility package, priced at $80 is the cheapest out of all the packages. In this package your press release will be listed in Google news, Yahoo news and PRWeb network. The PRWeb network has approximately 3 million unique visitors every month. Furthermore, with the standard package you can also monitor the impact of your press release as it offers a basic statistic regarding how well your press release did. It measures the performance of the press release on factors such as headline impressions and full reads.

2. Social Media Visibility – This package costs $140. This package offers all features of the standard visibility package along with some additional features such as increased distribution. Under the social media visibility package your press release is sent to more than 35,000 journalists. Moreover, your press release is also distributed on Pheedo network. This means that your press release will get more coverage on the best websites in Pheedo’s network.


3. SEO visibility – This package costs $200 and in my view is the most underrated package. This package incorporates all the features of the social media visibility package and the standard visibility package along with some additional distribution features. It is a comprehensive package which ensures that your press release gets the maximum mileage. I would advise you to visit PRWeb’s official website for more in-depth information regarding this package.

RSS groupings
A unique feature of PRWeb is its ability to collate your press releases. This is very helpful for those people who are submitting the press release on account of their customers. Under every press release which is published, there is a section called other press release by member, this is where all the press releases which belong to a certain group will emerge.
The most notable features of PRWeb:


1. PR web has office in the United States of America as well as the United Kingdom.
2. With PRWeb your press release is read by millions of potential customer from around the world.
3. With PRWeb your website can attract more visitors and this can lead to an improved ranking of your website.
4. PRWeb has an extensive distribution network.
5. Anyone can create a press release with PRWeb’s easy to use tool. These tools allow you to write effective press releases within just a few minutes.
6. PRWeb offers excellent customer support facilities with 24 hour help desk.
7. There are no annual subscription fees or a contract fee which means that there is no pressure on you.
8. PRWeb offers services of professional editors to help you write and check your press release.
9. Allows you to manage and store your press releases on your computer for future references.
10. Cheap and inexpensive hosting plans.

The bottom line is that PRWeb is one of the most trusted and reliable press release company. My brother uses PRWeb for the distribution of his company’s press releases. The other day I was talking to him and he seemed to be really satisfied with the level of services that are offered by this company. Another thing I would like to mention here is that before I was writing a review on this company, I got a chance to read several customer reviews about PRWeb. I could hardly find any negative review about PRWeb.

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