HostGator 1 Cent Coupon Codes Allow You To Set Up A Website Practically For Free

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Price is always an important consideration before making a purchase. This is as true for web hosting services as for anything else. You can’t get much cheaper than the 1 cent for which you can get your first month’s hosting with a HostGator coupon code. These coupon codes are available right on the HostGator website and work on two of the three available shared hosting packages. This provides people looking to try out a new web hosting company with an incredible opportunity. HostGator 1 cent coupon codes allow you to set up a website for practically free.


The Coupon Code

The 1 cent coupon code is available directly from HostGator who refers to it as the “hgc25“ code because that is the code that you will enter into your order form when purchasing your hosting account to get the discount. It is also referred to as the $ 9.94 code by some people because that is the amount that you will save if you choose to go with the Baby hosting plan. If you choose instead to go with the other option that is available, the Hatchling plan, your savings will be slightly less than this because this account costs less than $ 9.94 but HostGator has a minimum price of 1 cent for any hosting package.

HostGator also has other promotional discounts available that you should look at before using the 1 cent coupon code to see if you may be able to save even more money. A 20 % discount is available to all new customers on their initial order so if your order total is $ 50 or more then you should use this coupon instead. No matter which discount you apply to your order, you will be getting an excellent hosting account and saving even more money off of HostGator’s already low prices.

1 Cent Shared Hosting

The 1 cent HostGator promotional offer is available on the Hatchling and Baby plans. On the Hatchling plan you are allowed to host only one domain, whereas on the Baby plan you can have an unlimited number of domains, otherwise the two accounts are identical. You will get an unlimited amount of disk space to store the files for your website as well as an unlimited amount of data transfer. Be sure to read the terms of service so that you are in compliance with the rules for these unlimited accounts.


HostGator shared hosting accounts come with cPanel so will have any easy method of managing your website as well as easy installation of many popular applications that you may wish to use on your site. You also get unlimited email and ftp accounts as well as a free SiteBuilder tool and 4500 templates that you can use to get a website up and running quickly. Access to a shared SSL certificate is also included with these hosting accounts.

Other Hosting Options

Reseller and VPS hosting accounts are also good ways to make use of the 1 cent HostGator coupon codes. You will not be able to get these accounts for just a penny like the shared hosting accounts but you will be able to use the code and save $ 9.94 off of your first month of hosting. This would be an ideal way for you to get started in your web hosting business with just a small outlay for the first month on a reseller account and be able to attract customers and have money coming in before having to make your next hosting payment.

Getting $ 9.94 off of your first month of VPS hosting will allow you to try this form of hosting very cheaply so you can get a first hand look at all of the advantages that it provides over the shared type of hosting that you are probably already familiar with. The HostGator promotional code will allow you to try out a Level 1 VPS for just over $10 for your first month of hosting. And don’t forget that if you want to try out a more expensive option you can get 20 % off of that price.

Risk Free Hosting


Using the 1 cent HostGator promotional code does a lot more than get you a month’s worth of web hosting for just a penny. During that month you will have access to HostGator’s award winning customer support should you run into any problems or have any questions about your hosting account. Customer support is available around the clock and will always have a quick, easy to understand response for you. And if you decide for any reason that you do not want or need your new HostGator web hosting package, HostGator has a 45 day money back guarantee and will even refund to you that 1 cent that you spent. You can’t get much more risk free than that. Get your 1 cent HostGator coupon code today and try out their high quality hosting packages.

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