Hostgator Black Friday

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Hostgator is a web hosting company that offers various web hosting solutions to customers. Over the years, this company has won several awards due to its outstanding and reliable services. The best thing about this hosting company is that it offers very affordable hosting plans. Hostgator offers professional web hosting at just $3.96 per month. Some of the features that are included in its web hosting plans are unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, 1 click installations and round the clock customer support.



Different types of web hosting plans
Hostgator offers 3 different types of web hosting plans namely Hatchling, Baby and Business plan. Hatchling plan costs $3.96 per month and includes unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, shared SSL certificate and single domain. The baby plan costs $6.36 per month and includes a shared SSL certificate, unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. The last plan which is the Business plan costs $10.36 per month. This plan includes unlimited domains, toll free number, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space. Currently, Hostgator is offering up to 20 percent discount on its entire range of web hosting plans.

Apart from discounts, this hosting company also offers various promo codes. You can easily find an active coupon code on the internet. Coupon codes are basically promotional codes that are offered by a hosting company. They are part of the overall marketing strategy of a company. Coupon codes help to lower the cost of acquiring a hosting plan. They are extremely useful for those people who are short on cash but want to acquire a hosting plan.

Black Friday
Hostgator Black Friday is basically a promotional campaign that is launched by Hostgator on a yearly basis. As part of this promotional campaign, Hostgator’s customers can get up to 50 percent discount on all Hostgator’s hosting plans. Moreover, during this campaign the prices of Hostgator’s hosting plans decrease considerably. Black Friday campaign by Hostgator is very popular among its customers. The company also plans to launch this campaign this year.



Managed VPS hosting
Hostgator offers various VPS hosting plans. A total of 9 hosting plans are offered by this company namely Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level 7, Level 8 and Level 9. The price of a managed VPS hosting plan depends on the type of CPU, RAM, bandwidth and disk space. Each Virtual Private Server accounts includes unlimited domains , unlimited sub domains , unlimited MySQL databases , unlimited email accounts , private name servers , off site backups and full root access.

Things to consider
There are a few things that you must consider before choosing a hosting provider for your online business. The first and the foremost thing is the reliability of the hosting provider. Always choose a company that has a good repute in the market. Furthermore, your hosting provider should guarantee 99 percent up time and round the clock customer support. A reliable hosting company always offers exceptional customer support to its customers. Hostgator has an excellent customer support department. As I have mentioned earlier, its customer support staff is highly skilled and experienced to tackle any sort of problems.

On the other hand, don’t forget to read reviews about your potential hosting provider. Reviews provide first hand information about a company. Visit different forums and read what existing customers of a particular hosting company have to say about its services. Keep in mind that the future of your online project is dependent on the type of hosting provider you choose for it. Always make a wise decision and select a hosting company like Hostgator that has an established and credible name in the market.

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