Hostgator Coupon Code 2014

Hostgator is one of the best and most popular web hosting companies in the market today. This company offers various kinds of hosting options including VPS, reseller, dedicated and shared hosting. Due to its exceptional services it has also won many awards including the best hosting company award back in 2010.


What are Promo Codes?
Promo codes are basically promotional codes that help to lower the price of a hosting plan. Promo codes can either be coupon codes or discounts that are offered by a company. They are very beneficial as they help you save money. The saved amount can then be used for some other purpose. Moreover, in these tough economic conditions hosting companies offer coupons in order to grab the attention of potential customers.

Hostgator Coupon codes

Just like various other hosting companies, Hostgator also offers coupon codes to its customers. You can find various Hostgator coupons on different websites. However, you must make sure that the coupons are active coupons. During my research on this company, I found out that currently it is offering a number of coupons. Some of the coupons are as following:


1. HOSTSAVER30 – This coupon allows customers to secure a discount of 30 percent on any Hostgator package. Furthermore, depending on your billing cycle, you can save up to $599 if you redeem this coupon. This coupon can be used for VPS, reseller, dedicated and shared hosting plans.

2. HOSTSAVER30 – This coupon code will allow you to get Hatchling plan and Baby plan for 30% Off.

On the contrary, I advise all of you to keep an open eye for active Hostgator coupons as they introduce new coupons on a frequent basis.

How to use the coupon
The first step is to log on to the official website of Hostgator. Once you are on this website the next step is to choose a suitable hosting plan for your website. Hostgator offers a wide variety of plans to its customers and you can choose a plan that meets your requirements. Once you have selected a hosting plan the next step is to enter a domain. Hostgator also offers domain name facilities and it can register a domain name for you but keep in mind that it will charge a nominal fee for that. Nevertheless, if you already have an existing domain name you can shift it to Hostgator. Once you are done with all these 3 steps that are mentioned above, Hostgator will ask you to enter the coupon code. You must enter the coupon code in the promotional box that will appear on the bottom of your screen. Once you have entered the code just press the validate button and the discount will show on your screen.

Customer support
A good hosting provider always offers round the clock customer support. Hence, make sure to test the customer support of your potential hosting company before you choose it. Hostgator is far better than other companies when it comes to offering excellent customer support. Their customer support department is very well trained and skilled to handle a diverse range of problems. Furthermore, their customer support can be reached via phone, email, fax or live chat.


Affiliate Program
Hostgator also runs an affiliate program. This program allows you to earn endless amounts of money. All you have to do is refer people to its products. Simple isn’t it? Furthermore, the registration process for the affiliate program is fairly simple and within no time you can start making money by referring people. Its affiliate program is known for its high payout model and unique support.


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