HostGator Promotional Codes Improve Already Incredible Prices

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The first thing that you will notice when you start to make your way through the order process at HostGator is that the little box asking you for any HostGator promotional codes that you may have is already filled in for you. This is because unlike some of the other major players in the web hosting business, HostGator doesn’t feel the need to make you go out and find a code so that you can save some more money on your order.

HostGator promotional codes are right there on the website to add more savings to the great deal on quality hosting that you are already getting. You won’t be able to get your hosting account free but you can come really close by applying the proper HostGator promotional codes and get the most popular hosting package that HostGator offers for the unbelievable price of just 1 cent.


There are currently three different HostGator promotional codes that are available depending on what your particular web hosting needs are. Some restrictions will apply to some of these HostGator promotional codes so you should make sure you are using them correctly so that you can enjoy the extra savings and keep a little more in your wallet.

20% Off Of Everything

Any new order is eligible to use this HostGator promotional code and take 20 % off the cost of any hosting services that you buy. Both new and existing customers are eligible to take advantage of this offer, as long the services are part of a new order and not a renewal. The best value from this HostGator promotional code can be obtained on the shared hosting packages because you are able to sign up for as many as three years of hosting and apply this discount to every month within those three years.

VPS accounts and dedicated servers can only receive the 20% discount off the first month because multiple months cannot be ordered at once. This HostGator promotional code cannot be used for the registration of a domain name or other services like an SSL certificate, hosting services only.


Hosting for a Penny

Another HostGator promotional code is available that will let you get the first month of hosting for just a penny. To take advantage of this HostGator promotional code you will need to sign up for either the Hatchling or Baby plan and enter HOSTSAVER30 into the correct box on the HostGator order form. This HostGator promotional code is sometimes called the $9.94 code because that is the amount that you will be saving if you sign up for the Baby plan which happens to be the most popular hosting package offered by HostGator.

This promotional code is only available for use by new customers and only applies to the first month of hosting services. Keep an eye on the total cost of your order so you can decide which of the HostGator promotional codes will be the right one for you to use. 20% off is the better deal for anything over $50, while the HOSTSAVER30 coupon code that will give you $9.94 off is a better deal if your total is under $50.

Advanced Hosting At

HostGator promotional codes can also be used at The particular HostGator promotional code that can be used on this site offers you up to $35 off the special SEO enhanced hosting services that they offer. Different class c block ip addresses can be used for each of your websites that you host on this special account even though they are all located in the same physical location.

Although no one really knows for sure, it has been theorized that links to your site from other sites that are on the same class c block of ip addresses carry much less weight so by utilizing different class c blocks for each site you can increase your search engine rankings. If you order is less than $35 you will get the services for the standard HostGator minimum price of 1 cent.


HostGator promotional codes are an excellent way to save yourself a few extra dollars on already incredible hosting deals. You don’t even need to spend any time going out onto the internet to search for these codes as you do with many other web services companies. HostGator promotional codes can be found right on the HostGator website so they save you time as well as money.

HostGator also stands strongly behind their products. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all of the hosting services. They also offer a 45 day money back guarantee with no questions asked if you are not satisfied with the hosting services that you have received. This money back guarantee applies even if you took advantage of the 1 cent hosting by using one of the HostGator promotional codes.

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