HostGator WordPress Hosting Can Help You Set Up Your Blog Quickly

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If you are looking to set up a blog then one of the best blogging platforms that you can choose is WordPress. It will allow you to get your blog set up quickly and easily so that you can get your message out to the world. Once you have decided to use WordPress, however, you still need to find a place to host your blog. You will need a quality web hosting company that can give you all of the resources necessary to keep your blog running smoothly. HostGator WordPress hosting would be an excellent choice.

WordPress Blogs


WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the internet. You can have it set up and running in as little as five minutes. WordPress can be installed yourself if you want to download the installation package and set it up manually on your web hosting account. There is a much easier way though. HostGator accounts all come with cPanel installed and cPanel can, using its built in Fantastico installation script, install it for you with the only work required on your part being to answer a few questions and click once.

There is a large development community when it comes to WordPress and there are thousands of themes and plugins available, some for free and some for sale, that you can use to customize your installation. You can choose to use one of the available themes or have your own developed so that your blog is truly unique. Plugins can add any functionality that you can think of so that your site can accomplish just about anything that you can dream up. HostGator WordPress hosting packages can turn you into a blogger providing you a platform where you can speak to the world.

HostGator Packages


When you are just starting out and trying to build up an audience for your blog HostGator shared hosting accounts make a good home. Shared hosting is available in three different packages, one of which is designed for businesses. Unless you are going to run a business on your site to go along with your blog you will want to choose either the Hatchling or Baby plan. The only difference between them being that the Baby plan allows you to host multiple domains. There are even coupons available that will allow you to get the first month of hosting for your blog on either of these accounts for one cent.

HostGator has reseller accounts that are available and these would work fine to host your blog. Reseller accounts, though, are really designed for people who want to take the resources of the account and resell them to other people thereby becoming a web hosting company. A reseller account may work better for a blog owner if you have more than one blog to host as you can manage all of your sites from one place but there are other options available to you that would be a better choice.

A virtual private server is most likely going to be the best choice for your blog hosting once you have outgrown shared hosting. HostGator offers nine different choices when it comes to a VPS and any of them would make a good home for your WordPress blog. You most likely will want to choose one of the fully managed options where HostGator will take care of all the updating of your operating system for you as well as installing all of the necessary security updates as they are released.

A VPS also provides the easiest upgrade path for your blog as it becomes more popular and you continue to get more visitors coming to take a look at it. More disk space and bandwidth can be added quickly any time that you need it. A virtual private server is the ideal HostGator WordPress hosting solution.


If your blog becomes so popular that you outgrow even the VPS hosting then you can move up to a dedicated server. This is the ultimate hosting solution for any site. Dedicated servers come with a large amount of disk space and available bandwidth. If you choose a Linux server as most people running a WordPress blog do, HostGator has four dedicated servers for you to choose from. Which server is right for you will be determined by all of the other things you are doing with your website other than your blog. A dedicated server would be the top of the line HostGator WordPress hosting solution.

Start small and upgrade your hosting choice as your blog grows in popularity. WordPress can offer you an excellent platform on which to run your blog. HostGator can offer you excellent choices in hosting accounts on which to operate that blog. Together they will provide you with everything that you need to get your message out on the internet. HostGator WordPress hosting will have you blogging quicker than you can imagine.

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