Hosting With ASP And A Windows Server

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If the web hosting package that you have picked out is hosted on the Windows platform then you will be able to use ASP to deliver your web pages to those people visiting your website. Due to licensing issues that are involved with the operating system, a Windows server is usually a little more expensive than a comparable Linux server, but if you plan on using any Microsoft proprietary technology such as ASP then you must have Windows hosting. The differences in price are not as drastic as they used to be due to increasing popularity of Windows as a server platform.


The only problem you may run into if you are shopping for hosting with ASP is that Windows hosting will likely present you with fewer options than Linux hosting. At most web hosting companies that offer Windows hosting you will only have the choice of a shared hosting plan or a dedicated server. Some diligent searching , however, will lead you to several hosting companies that do offer a Windows VPS. It may well be in your best interest to search these out if you believe that your hosting with ASP needs may not be met with a shared hosting option but will not require an entire dedicated server.

Available Windows Hosting


Almost every major web hosting company is going to offer some type of Windows shared hosting package, perhaps more than one that you can choose between, but you may have to search around on their website to find it as it may not be featured as the other plans are. While not as cheap as a Linux shared hosting account, you should have to pay no more than about $10 per month to start. A shared Windows hosting account will meet most if not all of the needs of a start up website, however, problems may arise later on as your site becomes larger and gets busier.

If you are looking for dedicated server hosting with ASP then you should be able to find several configurations to choose from at most web hosting companies. This is top of the line hosting where you have the entire server under your control and can make changes and adjustments to it that you cannot make with other types of hosting because you will have root access. You will want to make sure that it is fully managed for you so that all you have to concentrate on is your websites. This may be the best hosting with ASP choice for you if you plan on hosting a large number of websites.

A compromise solution between shared hosting and a dedicated server that is commonly available under Linux is a virtual private server. They are less common in Windows configurations but can be found if this is the type of hosting that works best for your needs. A VPS is a hybrid solution where a server is partitioned into a set number of VPS hosting accounts and each account receives an equal share of the available server resources. It is an excellent hosting option for those websites that have outgrown shared hosting but don’t need a whole dedicated server.


A new option that may suit the needs of those looking for VPS type hosting but can’t find it in a Windows variety is cloud hosting. Not only can cloud hosting meet the needs of most websites, it can also allow you to run both Windows and Linux applications on a website because both types of servers can be part of the cloud. Cloud hosting is also relatively inexpensive because your hosting bill will be based on the actual resources used by your website.

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