How To Setup Thesis Theme

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The thesis theme framework is the new frenzy that is sweeping over professional and amateur bloggers alike. If you are truly passionate about blogging, there is no escaping from the countless features that thesis has brought into the WordPress interface. Massive improvements have been carried out and the use of code and coding instructions has been effectively minimized. There are easy options available for customization and it has never been this simple. Bloggers are now free to return to the source of blogging which is originality and inspiration rather than knowing about how codes work. The question of how to setup thesis theme is a common one and there are a few things that one should bear in mind when attempting to use this framework. Rest assured, this framework has been created to make our lives as bloggers easier so it will not take you a lot of time to figure out how everything works.


When you have newly purchased the very cheaply priced thesis framework and are all set to try it out on your WordPress blog, the first thing you will see is the menu. This menu is very important and you can work forward from there and install the features you think are interesting. There are many new design options that will undoubtedly catch your eye while you are getting accustomed with the framework. It is all about optimization to the max and making your blog as effective and accessible as possible. Even though the set up is quite easy, many people might face difficulty in going through with this, which is why tutorials online are the way to go. The actual developers of thesis have also put up tutorials on how to setup thesis theme which are very useful. Thesis gives way to your imagination and then steps in and makes it entirely possible. You can think of absolutely anything that you’d like on your website and thesis is bound to have some sort of plug-in for it or some other solution to get your blog looking the way you’ve always wanted.


After you’ve gotten through the menu (which will arrive after you have properly installed the framework), you need to get thesis communicating with your website. This is essential so you can carry out customization and such. You may need to approve file changes so that thesis can integrate into your system. There will be a folder present once you have starting running the framework and you will have to edit things from there in order for them to systematically appear on your site. This folder will be custom and you can rename it whatever you like. After you have modified settings in this folder, they will be open to the public through your site. However, you need not stress about users getting irritated as you edit your site because all the editing is done somewhere else and it is only when you are completely satisfied that the changes are shifted to your blog.

Contrary to what you might have been told thesis is more than just a complex theme. It offers a variety of options that allow you to get your blog more extensive web exposure and traffic than it has ever garnered before. Web optimization is possible with thesis and you will find you have been able to get a wider audience than you ever had before. Thesis is also programmed to get your blog into the search engine radar so that it is picked up more often and more visitors are directed towards your blog and its creative content.

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