Increased Popularity Has Led To More Affordable Windows Hosting

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Windows still lags far behind Linux in terms of popularity for web servers. Recent increases in the popularity of using Windows web servers has inspired many web hosting providers to lower their prices and create more affordable Windows hosting options that are comparable to their Linux hosting plans. Windows hosting was usually more expensive than Linux hosting due to the licensing fees Microsoft charges per implementation and because Windows required better hardware to run properly. Web hosting companies have absorbed much of the licensing fees in order to bring Windows in line with their Linux prices and they have been aided by the drastic drop in computer hardware prices that have greatly lowered the cost of the servers themselves.


The first thing that you need to decide is if you need to use Windows hosting or not. If your site uses any Microsoft technology like their .NET platform, needs to use Access databases, or requires FrontPage extensions beyond the basic implementation then you will need to use a Windows hosting solution. Affordable Windows hosting should also allow you to make use of ASP, ASP.NET, and WebMatrix. Most current versions of many applications that used to run exclusively on Linux can now run on Windows so you can even choose Windows if there is no specific need for it.

Affordable Windows Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most affordable Windows hosting that you are going to find. A single server is filled with shared hosting accounts and all of the websites share the resources that are available. A web hosting company will normally have several shared packages available for you to choose from. They will usually be available based on the amount of hard disk space and bandwidth that you are allowed to consume. An affordable Windows hosting account in this category may not have the resources necessary for a busy website.


Reseller hosting is another form of shared hosting that is primarily used by those who want to set themselves up as a web hosting company. The same problems that are faced by websites on regular shared hosting will be faced on reseller hosting as well. This used to be a reasonable hosting option for those who owned a large number of websites but if your web hosting company has a VPS package available that will be a more suitable solution.

Windows Virtual Private Servers

If you are running a business website then a VPS should be your affordable Windows hosting choice. A VPS is a server that has been chopped up into partitions that each get their own copy of the operating system. Microsoft charges a licensing fee for each time that an operating system is installed which is why many web hosting companies do not offer a Windows version of a VPS. It will be well worth your time to search out a web hosting company that will provide you with this affordable Windows hosting option.

A VPS should be available in your choice of several different sizes so that you can start with a cheaper option and move up to a better quality VPS when your site requires more resources. A VPS does a great job of covering the ground between shared hosting and a dedicated server and will save you a lot of money if you have a busy site but aren’t quite ready to purchase an entire server.


Unfortunately, at many web hosting companies your only upgrade option with Windows hosting if you have outgrown shared hosting is a dedicated server and this can get very expensive. A recent alternative to a dedicated server is a system that is called cloud hosting. This is going to be your most affordable Windows hosting option if your web hosting company offers it but does not offer a VPS. Several servers are linked together so that they act like a single server.

The cost benefits from this type of hosting come from the fact that your web hosting company can accurately monitor exactly how much of the resource pool you are using and only charge you for that amount. Instead of having to pay for the whole cloud as you would an entire dedicated server, you only have to pay for what you use.

Once you understand what the needs of your site are going to be, you need to compare those to the affordable Windows hosting packages that are available from your chosen web hosting company. If they do not have a plan that matches both your needs and your budget then you may have to move on to another web hosting company. Just make sure that the company you choose to do business with has a good track record by checking out reviews that other customers of the company have left for them. You will be glad you picked the right company to supply your affordable Windows hosting package.

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