IX Web Hosting And ColdFusion Go Hand In Hand

While there are many of us with a complete understanding of ColdFusion and what it has to offer, there are some of us who simply have no clue about ColdFusion hosting and what it means. In order to alleviate this issue we will be taking a closer look at the ColdFusion platform and what it offers its end users.


We will also examine the web hosting firm best suited to this dynamic and responsive platform. Many today would argue that IX Web Hosting has the correct approach and offers you access to this awesome hosting platform. This will give you a closer look at the firm best known for its use of the ColdFusion platform, as well as an industry leader in web hosting as a whole.

ColdFusion is a rapid web application platform. It was invented in 1995 by Jeremy and Allaire in order to simplify the protocols that facilitate the connection of HTML pages to a database. But by 1996, it had expanded its reach to become a full platform for website design and integration. After many updated versions of this dynamic platform it caught the eye of Adobe systems by 2005. At which point Adobe made short work of purchasing this incredibly capable design and integration platform for themselves.


So not only can ColdFusion be used for the development of feature rich web applications, but designing your dynamic website with ColdFusion as well as enterprise integration is now a snap thanks to IX Web Hosting. This is why the public interest in IX Web Hosting is on the rise and continues to increase as time goes by. This would be the reason that over 470,00 websites trust this responsible and capable web hosting firm for their hosting solutions every year and this number will continue to grow as IX Web Hosting expands their reach through word of mouth and advertising year after year.

Who Is IX Web Hosting?

IX Web Hosting is a web hosting firm that offers up website hosting solutions such as shared, VPS and cloud hosting to their clientele. They have been around since 1999 and are one of the industry leaders in the ColdFusion based programming language also known as CFML. They have humble beginnings like most hosting companies, and got their start hosting websites for clientele in some ones living room.

These humble beginnings however, are no reflection on their current status as a well respected shared, VPS and cloud hosting firm. They can now boast over 110,00 clients with over 470,00 websites to their credit. And with their proven track record and longevity in this dog eat dog industry, it is no question that IX Web Hosting is doing something right.


This top tier award winning web hosting firm is no slouch when it comes to customer service and support as well. In fact, it is their mission to provide the most exceptional customer support industry wide. As a matter of fact, you actually get your own personal customer support agent assigned to your account alone. This individual will be there to help you through thick and thin regardless of the time or day your support issues arise.

Let us not forget to mention that IX Web Hosting also offers you a 30 day zero risk guarantee. This is an awesome show of the confidence they have in their services and web servers as well. In this 30 day money back guarantee there is a seven day trial period in which you can “kick the tires” so to speak with no risk at all. In fact, if you opt out before the seven day trial period is up you will be issued a refund, no questions asked. This is one of the may reasons why so many website owners are making IX Web Hosting their choice as a web host for their websites today.

What Can I Expect Of IX Web Hosting

IX Web Hosting offers you an opportunity to create your website and launch it on one of the most dynamic platforms on the web, ColdFusion. This is the reason for their growing popularity, though this is not their only selling point. They offer each of their users the choice between Linux and Windows based operating systems as well. These are the two most popular scripting platforms in the world of web hosting today and IX Web Hosting is proud to offer their clientele a choice in the matter. Many of their competitors in fact , do not offer such flexibility.

With options such as VPS and Cloud hosting IX Web Hosting remains on the cutting edge, and offers up the most sought after design software suites as well as hosting platforms. In fact, many businesses these days are learning about the cost effectiveness of VPS (virtual private server) and have turned to IX Web Hosting for this reason alone.


They offer multiple plans that range in price from $3.95(regularly $6.95) for the Expert plan, Business Plus at $7.95 a month (regularly $9.95) and last but not least the Unlimited Pro plan that has all the bells and whistles for the promotional price of $7.95 a month (regularly $12.95). The Unlimited Pro plan is simply the best deal they have going right now, though all of their packages allow you to choose between Windows and Linux with ColdFusion being an added bonus.

With the option to choose between Linux and Windows based computing with the ColdFusion platform to boot, it is no wonder that this flexible web host is quickly becoming more and more popular amongst the industry driven and e-commerce website owners out there. So make the time to compare IX Web Hosting and their highly competitive hosting packages against the so called competition yourself. You may find that they are just what you were looking for in a web host. If not, their excellent 30 day money back guarantee will offer you an opportunity to back out before you are locked in to any contracts.

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