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JustCloud is one of the best cloud storage and file sharing system. It offers full protection for your files and keeps your backup secure. JustCloud comes with advanced cloud technology with which allows users to upload and download files from anywhere in the world. JustCloud also gives an option to share your files and data with any person you want.


One of the most notable things about JustCloud is that it offers enormous discounts on all its plans. You can visit JustCloud’s website for more information regarding the discounts. Currently, the company is offering up to 20 percent discount of all its business plans. Discounts help to lower the overall price of the package. For eg. Currently JustCloud is offering 20 percent discount on its Enterprise business plan. After the discount is availed, this plan will only cost you $49.95 per month. On the other hand, apart from offering good discounts, JustCloud also offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Hence, this means that if during the 30 days you are not satisfied with this company’s services you can get your money refunded even after availing the discount. On the other hand, this company is also offering up to 20 percent discount on all its reseller plans. Weather you choose the 500GB, 1 TB or 2TB plans you can get up to 20 percent discount.


Moreover, as a reseller you can also choose the level of branding that suits you. JustCloud offers you default branding options or you can also make a custom product. 3 types of options are offered by this company Co-branded, Re-branded and Corporate. Under C0-Branded option your logo appears on the web portal and the app. You also have an option to choose from 6 color templates and manage your branding from your reseller dashboard. The Co-Branded options cost $249.95 per year. Meanwhile, the Re-Branded option costs $749.95 per year. This plan includes your logo on the app and web portal, you have an option to choose from 6 templates, remove all reference to JustCloud and manage your branding from your reseller dashboard. The last plan which is the corporate branding plan, apart from including the above features, also allows you to use your own custom URLs and provides your own SSL certificates for secure login’s. Remember, that JustCloud offers time to time discounts on all its plans hence the prices of these plans are likely to change with time. One can avail big discounts by visiting the company’s website; if you visit JustCloud’s website you will find a ‘secret link’ at the bottom of the homepage. Click on that link and get an exclusive 35 percent discount on your purchase from JustCloud. The discount is available for a limited time only and is only for new potential customers.


Over the years, JustCloud has won several awards due to its outstanding services. JustCloud was given the award of the best personal service in 2011 by cloudbackuping.com. Furthermore, onlinestorage.org.uk awards JustCloud with the best online backup storage award in 2011. It has also won numerous other awards from different websites. Lastly, it is important to know that JustCloud is one of the most reliable and dependable storage companies out there in the market. If you are very protective about your data then you should choose this company as it offers some exceptional services at the most cost effective price. Moreover, the company also offers good discounts and promotions time to time. I recommend all of you to try this company. If you need more information about this company, simply visit their website.

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