The Latest HostGator Coupons Allow You To Get Great Hosting At Incredible Prices

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No one can pass up a great deal especially when you are getting a discounted price on something of the highest quality. HostGator is one of the most respected web hosting companies in the business and offers a large number of high quality hosting packages at affordable prices. The latest HostGator coupons will allow you to save even more money off of your initial purchase of a new web hosting account.

You will be able to get some hosting accounts for as little as just a single penny for your first month of hosting services with the coupons that HostGator supplies. HostGator currently has three different coupon codes available for customers to use. Make sure that you follow the terms of use so that you can enjoy these incredible discounts.


The Current Promotion

HostGator’s current promotion is a coupon code that will give you 20 % off of any new order. The code for this discount will appear automatically as you go through the ordering process. Some limitations do apply to this discount offer. It is valid for both new and existing customers but can only be used on new orders. VPS accounts and dedicated servers can only be ordered monthly through the HostGator website so the 20 % discount will only apply to the first month of hosting on either of these. Shared hosting accounts come with available plans up to three years in length and the 20 % off will apply to the entire length of the term that you sign up for initially. This code only applies to hosting charges so the discount is not available on other services that are available such as the registration of a domain name.

The Alternate Code

An alternative discount is available which HostGator refers to as the “hgc25“ code because that is what you will need to enter into your order form to receive this discount but it is more commonly known as the $9.94 coupon code. This code will allow you to take $9.94 off of the cost of the first month of hosting on any package offered by HostGator. If your order is $50 or more then you should use the 20 % off code as you will be able to save more money, but this promotional code offers you some interesting options if it is used with certain packages.


Two of HostGator’s shared hosting packages, namely the Hatchling and Baby plans, can be had for just one cent for the first month of hosting services by using this code. This offer is good for new HostGator customers only and is only good on your first order. This is an excellent way for you to try out the HostGator services at practically no out of pocket expense. HostGator even honors their 45 day money back guarantee on this offer, so if you aren’t happy with the results you can even get that penny back.

SEO Hosting Discount

The latest HostGator coupons also include one for a discount on SEO hosting services that HostGator offers at You can receive up to $35 off of your first order on these services if you use the coupon code “35off.” As with all HostGator discount codes, if the total price of your order is less than the available discount you will not receive the services for free but for the very low price of one cent as HostGator has a $0.01 minimum charge for setting up an account.

The SEO services discounted with this coupon code involve the ability to host multiple websites under a single control panel while still being able to assign them different class c ip addresses. By using different class c ip addresess for each of your sites you will eliminate the dangers of your sites getting blacklisted because of the activities of another site that happens to share the same ip as your site because it is hosted on the same server. It will also prevent the search engines from devaluing the backlinks that you create from one site that you own to another as they would if all of the sites were hosted on the same class c ip block.


The latest HostGator coupons do include other promotional codes, but they are, for the most part, just other versions of the $9.94 discount offer. Affiliates can have their own discount codes and HostGator from time to time will use different codes in order to track their marketing efforts, but these codes all work exactly the same as the $9.94 code. Use the latest HostGator coupons to get substantial savings on your choice of hosting packages at one of the internet’s most trusted hosted companies. One penny is a small price to pay to try out their service and once you see how good it is you will stick around for a long time.

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