Many Companies Now Offer Affordable Reseller Web Hosting

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If you are in the market to purchase a reseller account then you are in luck because there are many companies to choose from that will offer you affordable reseller web hosting. One of the more common reasons for wanting a reseller account is its ease of site management. You can host all of your domains in a single reseller account and manage all of them through a single login and control panel.


This makes it very easy and convenient for those that happen to own a significant number of domains. This practice has fallen out of favor with experienced webmasters, however, because other options like a VPS can provide the same benefits and have more resources available for your sites for just a little bit more money. That leaves reseller accounts being used by most people for their original purpose, to sell the space and bandwidth to others and become their own web hosting company.

Reseller Accounts

A reseller account is basically a much larger shared hosting account which gives you the opportunity to resell its resources and set yourself up as a web hosting company. You will be acting as a middleman and the difference between what you pay your provider for the reseller account and what you charge your clients is going to be your profit.


Most web hosting companies will offer you several different reseller accounts to choose from with their prices directly related to the amount of disk space and data transfer that come with each account. You can easily upgrade to a better package at any time. You don’t have to limit yourself to selling the amount of disk space and bandwidth that your reseller account comes with, this is known as overselling and is a common practice among even the big, established hosting companies. You didn’t think they really had an unlimited supply of disk space and bandwidth like they advertised for their shared hosting accounts did you? You can sell large packages to many customers because they will never use even a fraction of what they pay for.

Many people attempt to jump right into the web hosting business thinking that all they need is affordable reseller web hosting and they will be in business. If you are going to make a web hosting business work then you need to have a business plan just like you would need to have with any other type of business. Web hosting isn’t a business that you are going to be able to jump into and start making unheard of amounts of cash.

Much of your success is going to depend on word of mouth advertising so you need to make sure you take good care of your customers. One disappointed customer can do ten times more harm than the good done by a satisfied customer, so keep them all happy.

Reseller Account Amenities

You should receive several standard features even with an affordable reseller web hosting account. The most important of these is software to handle the billing and management of your clients and their hosting accounts. This software will verify the payments of your customers and automatically get them set up to use your services. It will send them an email telling them how to login, the ip address so they can access their hosting before their domain name resolves, and the name servers that they need so their domain registrar can point the domain name to their hosting account.

The other two amenities that should come with your reseller account have to do with the comfort of your customer. You should be able to install some type of shopping cart that will smoothly lead your clients through the purchasing process and once they have paid will send the information to your client management software to initiate the account set up procedure. You also need to be able to set up a system for customer support.

This can be as simple as an email address or a help desk installed on your site or as complicated as a telephone number that they can use 24 hours a day. Pick what will work best for you, but your customers will have questions and problems and they need to be able to contact you and expect to receive a response in a reasonable amount of time.

An affordable reseller web hosting account is not enough by itself to turn you into a web hosting company. You need a business plan and you need to run a hosting company like a business. Customer support after the sale is more important than convincing them to become customers in the first place. It doesn’t matter how many people that you can sell your web hosting services to if those services are not of the highest quality. Choose a web hosting company with a solid track record from which to purchase your affordable reseller web hosting account, then follow their lead in customer care.

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