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Hostgator reseller coupon code sprung when the founder of the web hosting company, Brent Oxley, decided to tout a product that can bring more benefits to the subscribers – a higher quality of service that they can actually afford.

On top of the myriad of innovative services, the company therefore provided more than just coupon discounts that are all too familiar to the clients. The reseller discounts then became successful and earned Hostgator a 90% satisfaction score.


More than Just Reselling

Hostgator prides itself as one of the largest companies that offer wide breath of hosting products – reseller hosting plans included. This type of plan allows the client to enjoy free customer management and billing software. This jumpstarts the reselling process and ultimately creates an organized process.

The reseller hosting services are given to each domain names and accounts. The resellers tout the servers integrating the features from Hostgator in exchange for a monthly fee. The expenses from such services are lessened by the coupons.

Amidst the 4,500 free website templates offered by numerous reseller hosting tools, the coupons can also trim down the users’ options. With the inexpensive (and discounted) reseller hosting plans, making profits over the Internet is now within reach. It is easy to get percentage-off coupons and dollar-off coupons from Hostgator.


Reasons for Getting Hostgator Reseller Coupons

To make it more convenient for their new clients, Hostgator also provides a no-strings-attached 45-day money back guarantee. The discount coupon codes can be used for the initial payment. Within the period allotted, the company allows their clients to decide whether to terminate or continue their subscription. Should they decide to come to a halt, the company refunds their deposits.

But there’s more to the coupons that discounted costs. Clients of Hostgator can also make the most out of their money-making ventures as the company is affiliated with more than 30 websites at which the resellers can transfer to. There are also 400 brandable video tutorials available for the clients.

Resellers under the web hosting company also enjoy the perks of having monitor server status – a feature that allows them to monitor the amount of bandwidth they are using for certain span. As such, they gain better control on the usage of space and regulation of file stores in the server.

Subscribers of the reseller plans may also be endowed by competitive edges through the myriad of features included in the packages. Much more, they are allowed to customize the services and avail varying amounts of disk space and bandwidth, depending on their budget and necessities.


Packages may also be limited according to e-mail addresses, data bases, and other factors that contribute to a high quality web hosting.

What sets the reseller plans of Hostgator apart from other web hosting services is the endowment of the freedom to modify accounts. The resellers also will also be given access to DNS and ability to create accounts and tweak control panel functions such as shopping carts, portals, blogs, forums, form mail and counters.

Furthermore, the reselling coupon codes are also golden tickets to acquiring a brandable client panel that touts a personalized logo. Reseller plans of Hostgator include password-protected directories and custom error pages.

Discounted Value of Hostgator Reseller Plans

The Hostgator reseller coupon codes can be used by subscribers to enjoy good amount of rebates from the web hosting services they availed. In contrast to other companies, Hostgator allows its clients to craft unlimited websites, bandwidths and storage spaces even they pay with the coupons. Luckier users who landed the best offer may also receive benefits of low monthly fees and not more than 0.1% downtime.

In the early 2012, Hostgator held a promo that offered 20% discount on all the reseller plans during the first month of the client. This is more or less an opportunity for the fledglings to dip a toe in the water, and test how the services work. The coupon for this particular deal can be found from Hostgator’s website.


Then there’s also an option that gives 25% savings on any service order. Using the codes is pretty straightforward. One only needs to get the code from the coupons and complete the checkout process. Hostgator calculates the discounted rates and apply them to the packages at the end of the checkout.

How the Service Works

Web developers obtain the Web Host Manager in response when they buy hosting services. This will be displayed on the control panel, where they can access their account as reseller web host. The best thing about using Hostgator is that developers are free to create multiple client accounts in WHM. This can be achieved by filling out the digital form with their customers’ information and clicking “create” button.


After the process, C panel will be set. As such, customers will be endowed with their own personal control panel where they can create their own e-mail address and change their passwords.

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