Save Money on Your Hosting Bill with a HostGator Promo Code 2011

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The price of monthly hosting can range from just a few dollars for a shared option to thousands of dollars for a top of the line dedicated server or cloud hosting solution. The hosting needs of most people, however, fall somewhere in the middle. Many have turned to one of HostGator’s popular hosting packages in order to meet their needs. HostGator makes it easy with high quality web hosting packages that they offer to the public at low prices.


It can get even better thanks to a HostGator promo code 2011. HostGator presents several different discount options and you can choose the one that works the best for you and saves you the largest amount of money off your hosting bill. The nice thing about HostGator promo codes 2011 is that you are not limited to a certain few hosting packages but you can save on every hosting package that is offered on their website. A HostGator promo code 2011 can get you a significant savings on some of the best hosting you will find anywhere.

While saving money is great, keep in mind that you still get all of the benefits that come with being a Host Gator customer even when using a HostGator promo code 2011 to save money. HostGator is well known for the quality of their customer and technical support and you will have access to it 24 hours a day with several different methods available for you to contact them. Their support staff, based in the United States, will get back to you quickly with an answer that you know will solve whatever problem you may be having.


All accounts come with some great bonuses as well like a free site builder, a large amount of templates to help you get your site up and running, and a cPanel control panel to make managing your hosting account easy. Use your HostGator promo code 2011 today to get your own hosting account set up.

The Most Popular Promo Code


The most popular HostGator promo code 2011 is the discount that can give you a month of hosting for one cent. This coupon will give a new customer $9.94 off the first month of hosting on any hosting service that is offered by HostGator. If you use this HostGator promo code 2011 on HostGator’s most popular hosting option, the Baby plan, which normally costs $9.95 per month you, will only have to pay a single penny for the first month of hosting which means you can try out HostGator practically free.

The Baby plan offers you the ability to host an unlimited number of domains on your account as well as giving you an unlimited amount of disk space for the storage of your files and an unlimited amount of bandwidth for data transfer. The only small drawback to this HostGator promo code 2011 is that it cannot be used by current customers, but don’t worry, HostGator has other promo codes that everyone can use.

20% off everything

Well, not everything exactly, just on hosting services. This discount cannot be used on anything else like domain name registrations. Anyone, new customers or old, can save 20 % off the first invoice for any hosting service as long as it is a new purchase. Save 20 % off the first month of any hosting plan that is sold on a month by month basis. If a hosting plan can be purchased for multiple years then you can save 20 % off all the years because, since you will be paying for them up front, they will all be included on the first invoice that you will receive. This HostGator promo code 2011 is submitted automatically for you with your order form so this is the code that you will be using unless you decide to change it yourself.

Advanced Webmaster Option


There is also a HostGator promo code 2011 available for alternative hosting services that HostGator sells on its other website, The hosting accounts offered here are an advanced form of a reseller account that allow for something special to be done. Even though all of your domains are hosted on this one account, you can give them all different ip addresses that tell the search engines that they are hosted all over. This is done so that any back linking that is done gets full credit in the search engines instead of being discounted, as it would be if all of the sites had the same or similar ip addresses. The idea behind it is to get better rankings on search engine results pages. The HostGator promo code 2011 specifically for this site will give you a discount of $ 35 on the first month of service.

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