Self Hosted Cdn-Is It Possible

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Whenever a website owner comes up with a new, exciting idea that must one day be made into a website, the first thing that crosses his mind is how to get it to appear in a leading position on Google and related search engines. In most cases, websites are visited or recognized because a term was searched by a user and the website popped up as a result. Now the thing with relatively new sites is that they do not show up on search engines that often because they have not been visited in the millions that other sites have. And given the way new sites show up every now and then, you cannot simply wait for your website to become popular on its own. Money is what it is going to take so that you can indulge in self hosted cdn and make sure your website is out there in the best possible way that you can afford. Being able to stand out is a very important quality for success and it is what increases viewership eventually.


There are many ways to go about the mechanism of self hosted cdn. You can sign up for a private server that costs a lot of money but it is famous for giving you wide exposure and directing attention and views towards your site. This however may not be the most affordable option for every website owner but for those than can fit this into their budget; it offers much of a win-win scenario. People that have less money to allocate to cdn provision often find themselves stuck with shared servers that ruin their website and its functionality. The cheaper a provider is, the worse off you are likely to be. Problems that are commonly and frequently reported are bad service, site crash, technical problems and server overload. If you are trying to save money then you will be subjected to possibly all these issues. Cdn has significantly revamped the way hosting is dealt with and now there are many possibilities open to all who want to avail them, provided that they can pay for it. However, nowadays there are many free cdn providers operating in full swing to facilitate website owners.

You can avail self hosted cdn in some other ways too. One of these ways is by thinking up your very own sub-domain. This technique is mostly used for WordPress sites and other blogs. When you put up files or images onto the sub-domain you have assigned to yourself, you are actually attracting web traffic on a more personalized scale. Through this method, there is a strong chance that your work will be seen more than it would have, had you had it hosted on some shared server. You can also play around with the control panel and make the changes you feel are necessary. By privately hosting your content, you are actually giving yourself more freedom to have your material seen the way you want. According to recent research, you can even use Google the search engine as a cdn providing facility if you know your way around the IT world.


When you host files using Google, you will be able to distribute your material better because a number of servers will be working on the job. It is a little known secret which is why many people get trapped with scam free cdn providers and cheaper providers who are not equipped to handle the website’s load. Google has web applications as well which can be very useful for those who are developing and trying to design their websites without professional help.

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