Some Popular Companies That Use Cloud Computing

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You can find several different definitions of cloud computing on the internet. In simple terms cloud computing basically refers to using someone else’s infrastructure to run your applications. It is similar to outsourcing. These days, Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular and more and more companies, regardless of their size, are using cloud computing technology. Last year a nonprofit Information technology form called CompTIA conducted a survey of more than 500 business and IT professionals in the United States. The survey revealed that out of 10 companies, currently 8 are using some form of cloud solution. Furthermore, the survey also revealed that more than half of the companies in the United States alone are looking to utilize cloud computing in the near future.


Search engine giant, Google Inc is also making its way into the cloud computing market. It displays its cloud services as Google application engine or Google docs. Google’s app engine service caters solely to the cloud requirements of users. Basically Google app engine is a cloud service that allows customers to store and share their data on it. Furthermore, due to this service Ruby or JavaScript is also made compatible for users to work upon. Google app engine gives users the liberty to store up to 1 Gigabytes of data along with sufficient disk space and bandwidth.

How can Apple stay away from cloud computing when its competitors are active in it? Apple’s iCloud service is a wonderful platform which allows users to store pictures, music and numerous other documents in just a few seconds. It is a highly integrated application that works superbly and flawlessly on the computer devices. Moreover, Apple’s iCloud services are compatible with all its devices and gadgets including the iPad, iPhone and Personal computers.


Microsoft Cloud Services
Microsoft is a big name in the IT sector. It offers viable and proficient private cloud solutions to the business enterprise. Security is the USP of Microsoft’s cloud services. Private cloud services from this company ensure that the organizations data is secure and well protected. The foremost advantage of utilizing Microsoft’s cloud services is that apart from enhancing your IT infrastructure, this service also helps to augment coordination with employees. In the coming years, this company looks to cater to the private cloud requirements of individuals. The end-results of Microsoft’s cloud services are zero downtime, supple and well controlled corporate environment and utmost scalability.

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the most significant players in Cloud computing arena. Amazon recently introduced the EC2 cloud compute application. EC2 allows users to utilize their current resources in the most efficient and viable way. Meanwhile, Amazon’s EC2 Cloud Compute is best suitable for companies that do not have adequate server space to store their data or those companies that are experiencing difficulties in managing their day to day work operations.


Cloud computing technology is rapidly evolving and more and more companies are coming towards this sector. Cloud computing even affects our daily lives, for e.g., you can share your files or documents exclusively with other individuals, without the hassle of maintain or keeping a real paper file. Moreover, Cloud Computing also influences virtually billions of dollars in the information technology spending. In order to avoid excessive costs, companies are now looking to rent stuff rather than buy their own. The fact of the matter is that, Cloud Computing Technology has a bright future and billions of dollars are expected to flow into this sector. Small companies are also looking to move towards cloud computing as it is cost effective.

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