The Best HostGator Coupons Can Be Found Right on Their Website

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If you have decided to purchase a new web hosting account from HostGator and are now busy scouring the internet for a coupon or promotional code in order to save a little bit more money then you are wasting your time. There really is no need for you to spend any amount of time doing that kind of internet search when the best HostGator coupons can be found right on the HostGator website.


HostGator will not only give you the promotional codes but they will insert them automatically into the order form for you so you don’t even have to do that. HostGator offers some excellent hosting packages at very low prices, but they are willing to offer you even more savings to get you to try that first hosting account with them because they know once you experience it you will never want to go back to web hosting from any other company. The best HostGator coupons are like getting a second piece of birthday cake.

Which is going to be your best HostGator coupon will depend on a couple of things such as the specific type of hosting package that you are looking for, the price of that package, and how long you would like the initial contract period to be. HostGator offers three different coupon codes and one of them will be the perfect match to the hosting package that you ultimately decide on.

HostGator Primary Coupon

The promotional code that HostGator will have automatically inserted into your order form when you begin the purchasing process is their primary code, which will give you a 20% discount on your order. Two things to keep in mind is that this discount will only be off of the first invoice and you can only use it on the purchase of new hosting services, not on upgrades.

Since HostGator allows you to sign up for shared hosting accounts for contract periods of up to three years, the 20% would be applied to the entire three year term for that hosting. For those hosting options that do not allow you to sign up for extended service periods, the 20% discount will only apply to the first month of service as that is all that will be covered by the first invoice. The 20% discount is also most effective when used on higher priced hosting options that are approximately $50 or more.

$9.94 Coupon Code

If your hosting fees for your chosen hosting package are less than $50 then your best HostGator coupon code is going to be what HostGator refers to as the alternate code and, if HostGator has not automatically entered it into the order form for you, the code you will need to enter to get this discount is hgc25. This $ 9.94 coupon code can be used on HostGator’s most popular hosting package, the Baby plan, to receive your first month of hosting for just 1 cent.

If you locate a code during your internet search that is different than this code it is most likely a special code that HostGator affiliates give out in order to earn a commission on your HostGator purchase, but it will function exactly as this code does. If you want to reward the person who referred you to HostGator then by all means use that affiliate code, after all, it was a great recommendation, but there is no reason for you to waste time searching out a code.

Special Hosting Coupon

HostGator also runs the website where they can offer you a special type of hosting account to help you with your search engine rankings. Search engines often give more weight to links from sites that are hosted on different c class ip blocks. The services offered here allow you to host a multitude of websites on a single hosting account while being to give each individual site an ip address that exists in a different c class block.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what all of that means, it is a service aimed at advanced hosting customers, just know that if the time comes when you need this type of service HostGator offers a promotional code that will get you $35 off your first purchase of this hosting?

The best HostGator coupons are the ones that allow you to get exactly the hosting package that you were looking for from one of the best web hosting companies and to save a little bit more money off their already low prices. HostGator offers many bonuses to go along with their great hosting packages and low prices that make hosting with them even more attractive. You also get award winning customer service that can solve any issue quickly and correctly. The best HostGator coupons will be waiting for you right on the HostGator website.

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